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Tech Mgr
By INXS on February 5, 2017

Bought the software and did not fix our problem on a Laptop. Not helpful at all.

PC Repairer
By Ross on March 20, 2016

The Auto Fix tried but did not fix the Windows 7 repair boot loop after failed windows 10 upgrade. But it did find a System Restore when all other tools said there were none. Let EasyRE use it and PC now back up and running. If I had not found this software and decided to try it i was ready to wipe the drive and reinstall after spending 8 hours over two day trying every repair trick known. Even if it had not worked the other tools will be most handy for recovering files and with its access to the internet I'm sure I will use it often. Have already had to repair more than a few failed Win 10 upgrade and now this is the first tool I will try.

I wish to thank you for all your invaluable help
By Howie on April 24, 2016

The files Easy RE Recovery files you sent me and the accompanying descriptive information made it possible to fix the PC, and restore it to exactly the same condition as it was before Microsoft apparently “\1” in the aggressive way they did. Rather than blast Microsoft (and I have many good reasons to do so, based on poor experiences with their paid-for tech support), I will just say that Neosmart couldn't have been more professional, responsive, interested, and kind in their efforts to help me, which spanned about five e-mails.

Thanks again, Ali, for your active interest, involvement, follow-ups, and for a product line that is easy to use and appears to work flawlessly.

Money well spent!
By Dan on January 21, 2017

Windows 7 pro - wouldnot start up regular or safemode. Startup repair & system restore no help. This did the trick - system drive was intact but the startup files were corrupted. Repaired the files and started up! Couldnt believe it - you wont either!

Really Saved my Axx!
By Robert on April 28, 2013

We were a bit skeptical, but figured we had nothing to lose... Paid the fee, downloaded and used the imaged CD we created. The tool did allow us to get into the Toshiba System recovery file where we were able to burn a copy of our vital files to DVD and then allowed us to reboot the computer to “\1” condition. Reloaded the data files and we were back in business! Much thanks!

It does what it says on the tin :-)
By Paul Mc on November 15, 2016

I had tried to dual boot Windows 7 and an old version of Windows media center edition XP. I couldn't get online on XP and couldn't get back to Windows 7. I tried everything that I and the internet could think off. In desperation and unwilling to pay $100 to a shop I bought EasyRE. Burnt the iso to DVD at work, put it in my PC and fixed! Brilliant.

Boot problems
By Marc Friedman on January 8, 2014

Best money I have spent in years. Software that actually does what it says. Bought both Win 7 and 8. Would recommend to anyone!

Thanks EasyRE

By Carol Ryan on March 13, 2017

I tried contacting Support by email, took 2 hours to get a reply. In the mean time I purchased and downloaded the software to repair the laptop. Downloaded the software, did the install and got a message that partition was corrupted and could not access or repair. Wasted $20.00 in less than 30 minutes. Then when I went back to email, there was a support response, asking me to respond to the email again. It has been an hour and still no response. Terrible support and a waste of money! DO NOT PURCHASE.

Didn't work!
By Neko on December 7, 2013

Sadly, after reading all the good things about this program, it didn't work for me. PC had been acting up the last couple of days when it kept running CHKDSK every time I booted up even though it never found anything. Eventually it blue screened.

After that, windows wouldn't boot up at all. I downloaded EasyRE in the hope that it would fix things but alas, it has not. The automated repair says it's failed to update the MBR therefore it's unable to proceed with the repair and I should check the logs for more details. No idea where the logs are. Tried a system restore to a point last week before the problems began but when I reboot I just get a black screen with “\1” on it.

Really disappointed but at least I got a refund.

Did not work for me but got a refund with no questions
By Benoit Heroux on February 9, 2015

I am using Windows 8 on an HP Pavilion with the Secure Boot bios setting. After disabling Secure boot to be able to boot from a CD I was not able to boot from my Boot Drive again. Even after re-enabling the Secure Boot. I was getting the 0xc000000e error. EasyRE was not able to see my OS drive. After a week of attempts and contacts with the support, I re-installed my system from scratch. The good thing is, I asked for refund and got it within a few hours with no questions asked.

Good. Moving right along!

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