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NeoSmart Technologies strives for excellence in innovation and development; it is our goal to make awesome software that our users will enjoy. All our products are free for home and non-commercial use, but in order to continue providing top-notch products, we charge for commercial and other for-profit use. You can buy a commercial license for our products below or drop us a line either via email at or by phone at (312) 854-9090 for volume licensing inquiries.

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Easy USB Creator 2.3.2
Turn ISO images for Windows setup discs and recovery programs into bootable USB sticks. Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, plus various recovery utilities.


Easy Window Switcher 1.3.0
Boost your PC productivity and switch between windows of the same application instantly with alt-` like Mac users have been doing for a decade.


EasyBCD 2.4
NeoSmart Technologies' popular and award-winning dual-boot configurator and Windows bootloader editor tool. Used to set up dual-boots with most operating systems and fix boot-related problems.


EasyBCD Deployment License
If you're using EasyBCD to create boot profiles that are being deployed site-wide, you need one EasyBCD license plus a deployment license for each additional machine the EasyBCD-created bootloader is cloned to/deployed on. Call or email for volume discount.


iReboot 2.0.1
EasyBCD's little helper, iReboot sits in your PC tray and lets you select what OS you want to boot into next, bypassing the system boot menu.


Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows
NeoSmart Technologies' Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 powerful and automated repair and recovery CDs (must be ordered separately from the EasyRE page).