CompleteRSS 1.1


CompleteRSS is the ultimate WordPress feed supercharger, that does everything you need to make your feed work for you and drive your traffic skyward.

With CompleteRSS you can say goodbye to invalid RSS and partial entries — your feeds show your entire article no matter what, bringing you the traffic you deserve, and no longer use the very-much abused 'content:encoded' tags that cause many feed readers such a headache.

CompleteRSS is especially useful since the release of WordPress 2.1, which (as a bonus "feature") never parses feeds past the <!--more--> tag!

Studies have consistently shown that feeds with full content attract for more regular & loyal subscribers than "teaser feeds" do, increasing your readership and bring the traffic your way. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the more valid/compatible a feed is, the higher the chance of hooking in a new subscriber - that's what CompleteRSS is for!

The download link is for a phps file — an HTML-formatted php file. You need to copy-and-paste the content into your own plugin file for this to work.

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