One-Click Rollback

Simple and pain-free, with a literally “point and click” restore process.

Future Protection

Also protects your PC from unwanted future automated Windows 10 upgrades.

Cost: $0.00

Spread the good word: like many of our other products, this one's on the house.

Made for Everyone

Just point family & friends our way and we'll walk them through the rest.

Based on the Award-Winning Easy Recovery Essentials® for Windows®

Powered by EasyRE®

Built on and powered by the same magic Easy Recovery Essentials® uses, meaning it's proven, reliable, and well-documented with many existing step-by-step guides and video tutorials.

Recover from the worst of disasters

Can't even boot into Windows? No problem — our utility boots up your PC on its own, which means you can use it to recover from even the updates that went horribly wrong.

Boot from CD or USB

Download our Windows 10 rollback utility as an ISO image and convert it into a bootable USB or a CD with just a few simple steps.

Restores Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1

It couldn't be simpler to use: Download the utility, put it on a CD or a USB stick, and power up your PC. EasyRE will run, scan your PC for Windows installations – including your previous Windows 7 or Windows 8 install – and give you the option of rolling back.

Because safety always comes first, you can rest in the knowledge that all of EasyRE's operations are 100% reversible. Your unwanted Windows 10 installation will be moved into a folder, and you can get it back or delete it whenever you want.

Incredibly easy to use

Watch the video and see how it really takes under 30 seconds for the rollback to complete.

  1. Download the utility (or grab it as a torrent)
  2. Burn it to a USB stick (recommended) or to a CD
  3. Start up your PC from the CD or USB
  4. Point, click, and reboot when complete!

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