Already tri-booting xp/xp/vista; Would like to add win7

Almost there! All four OS are displayed in the boot menu with Win7 and Vista booting fine, however only XP1 boots. It seems that easyldr2 also loads XP1. Is there anyway to edit or debug easyldr2, if that is the problem?

Before reading the boot process wiki, I thought the XP boot.ini files could be affecting the XP boot, but don't believe that is true anymore. So what could be causing this, since a separate EasyLDR is created for each XP enty?

Could the problem, as noticed earlier, be that the "active" flag is on the XP1 partition and the "system" flag is now on the Win7 partition (disk mgmt pic in previous post)?

Are you sure you

a) Uncheck the "automatic boot drive detection" checkbox, and
b) Selected first one drive letter from the drop-down menu, then another?