Annoying hyperlink problem in Vista

Peter, if you don't like FF layout or fonts, there is this feature called Add-ons (Tools/Add-ons) that has "Themes", and you can choose a lot of different themes, they have "Widows Vista" theme that kinda looks like layout IE7 uses.

RSS & Bookmarks: I like the FF way of keeping bookmarks the best way ever made, I can't say for the Opera, I never really used it. FF RSS is nice one too.

FF on my Ubuntu loads faster pages even if my net connection speed is same, lol, yes, I can't believe my self, but that's what I see.

There is a lot of stuff I could say about FF, but ok, there should be a chance, I feel it :smile:
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That looks almost exactly like IE7! (Which looks great).

I use the Tango theme for Opera because it looks the same on Ubuntu, Fedora, Vista, XP, and OS X. (and the Wii too, if I had one).
Ummm yeah, new fendora was out not so long ago... and I didn't tried it :frowning: this old HDD is making me crazy... I should get one like Peter has, and I'm installing: Fendora, Ubuntu, Windows XP Pro, Linux Sabayon and... that would be all :grinning:!