Annoying hyperlink problem in Vista


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When I arrive here the page is maximised, which is what I want. Until today any hyperlink within a post would also open full screen. Now they are opening the default size...quarter or third of the screen, whatever.

Why would that suddenly happen? Applies to my Vista only.
Open a hyperlink.
Maximize it.
Hold down shift+alt and simultaneously press the 'x' to close the window.

Does that fix it?
Thanks for answering CG. No it doesn't help. In this instance I used the link in your sig.
If I click postreply it opens full screen though....weird.

It also doesn't stick if I use the drag and drop method and File/Exit.
Well, not sure what I did, but it's all OK now. Perhaps closing the browser after doing what you suggested, then reopening it?
I guess we will never know!!
Vista moves in strange and mysterious ways.
Thanks for the help CG.
Yeah, you have to close all instances of Internet Explorer after closing a window with shift+alt in order to "save" the changes. Otherwise, it will wait for another close + shift + alt and use that instead. :smile:
Not to raise a slightly dead post from it's grave, but now I'm does IE7 beat Firefox hands down? Even IE7's interface is horrible to look at I think...much less the actual working innards of the browser. *shrugs* Personal choice I guess...
Well IMHO Firefox's interface is horrible to look at plus I don't like their fonts - at least on my LCD. I also prefer IE7's tabs, add-ons and ease of integration with other applications.
As long as one keeps up to date with Microsoft updates and has good protection there is no more risk than using any other browser.
I've tried them all and always end up coming back to I.E.7 (Now I.E. 6 was another matter altogether....:wink:

I do keep Firefox on hand but it's only used when I'm forced to use it or have to because someone is having problems with it on the forums where I help out.
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I have to agree that IE7 looks and reads better than Firefox, but that's (IMO) where the advantages stop.

My choice is Opera 9.21, it's very fast (unlike IE7) and doesn't leak any RAM like Firefox does. Plus, it has this really nifty, new "Quick Tabs" feature that is quite a productivity boost.
I might take a fresh look at that CG. With me it's a question of what is easiest on the eyes as I have had lens implants in both eyes and wear multi-focal glasses as a result.

I already use one Opera product - Opera Mini in my cell phone.
Good luck with that, Peter.

If you do end up using Opera, you may want to switch to the "Tango" theme, it's probably the cleanest and easiest on the eyes.


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Tango CL is the one I picked. Opera can't display anything on my normal ISP's Yahoo homepage - completely blank. This is in Vista mind you, I couldn't find any reference to System Requirements at the Opera website.
Opera runs just fine in Vista (which I will be reinstalling soon :x)

Do other sites display fine in it?
Yes it displays OK. Positively refuses to display my own personalised Yahoo home page.

Not over-keen on the browser, sorry...;-(