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1- April 1st 1991 I was Born !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:smile: :smile: :smile:

P.S. why dont you do an april fools prank like some websites. I wont say which so that i dont spoil it for anyone.
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happy birthday ronin you beat me to making April
well here is the scoop
1-April fools (obviously)
2-International Tatting Day
3-Oliver Pollack invents the dollar sign $ (1778)
4-Dexter Mason Ferry and partners found Gardener, Ferry & Church Seed Company, now called Ferrry-Morse, the oldest seed company in America (1856)
4-Daytime soap opera General Hospital first airs on ABC (1963)
You are a mere 50 years younger than I, Happy Birthday. My lodger already did an April Fool's joke on me...hung an "Out of Order" notice on my high-definition TV which greeted me when I staggered out of bed this morning. I nearly had (another) heart atttack...LOL.
Apologies for duff info in March thread - apparently today is the RAF's 90th birthday not yesterday, don't quite understand why it was on yesterday's news ?

(It was not an early April Fool's Joke)
april 3:
today is national autism awareness day (saw it on the early show)
1-The Pony Express begins delivering the mail. (1860)
2-Don't go to work unless it's fun day (anyone who goes should be instantly promoted)
i will be trying something with this post instead of posting a link that explains the holiday i shall explain it because if it were me i wouldn't bother opening it)
so don't go to work day:
Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day might be your day to sleep in. If this day falls on a Saturday or Sunday when you are normally off of work, it's an easy day to participate in. Otherwise, make sure you get your boss' approval prior to participating.
Wouldn't it be nice to wake up in the morning and decide whether you will go to work? If it is going to be fun at work, you get up and go. Otherwise, you turn over and go back to sleep.
Employer Tip: To increase attendance today, we suggest you consider things that will make it fun to go to work. Like the promise of a paycheck, benefits,..............
Warning: We strongly suggest that anyone thinking of not going into work, clears it with their boss first! Special and bizarre days are fun to participate in. But, not at the risk of losing your job.

this day seems to have no origin so probably s useless post

3- tweed day (should i even explain it???)
well youre supposed to wear a tweed jacket end of story

p.s.: does anyone read these posts seriously i want to know all in favor of continuing these posts say "I"
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What if you are the boss? Do you still have to not go to work?

Regarding autism - what an interesting coincidence. Yesterday's headline news had two autism-related events:
Autistic children linked to same sperm donor - CNN.com
Jenny McCarthy: My son's recovery from autism - CNN.com

It's makes for a rather-interesting read...
He's only 5½ years old, and yet he's practically memorized the entire New York subway grid.

He reads at the fourth-grade level, plays two-handed piano compositions and is better versed than most adults about the Fibonacci code, a complex mathematics sequence.

Dylan loves Italian music and draws pictures that artist Jackson Pollock would be proud of.

He also happens to be autistic.
^ thats a kool article guru

i hate when people thign autistic people have something wrong with them and they cant do anything right.
Anybody remember/watch "Mercury Rising?" im pretty sure there are some autistic people out there that can do the same.
I saw this on the news today:
1- April 4th 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated.

They were talking about how its the 40th anniversary and its affect on Barack Obama's candidacy or something like that.
Isn't MLK day a national holiday in the States?

whoops! We celebrate the day he was born (3rd mon. of Jan each year) not assassinated!
1949 NATO founded by the original 12 nations

1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen found an insignificant little partnership. They call it Microsoft.

that's 33 years ago today folks - or to us techie hexadecimalists 21 today
I therefore declare today a global techie holiday