ASP.NET Machine account help.

Hmm, OK. I don't really understand the renaming though. Why would I want to rename Vista's built-in admin? Or am I getting it wrong?

And can the app really un-lock ASP.NET? It generates random passwords...hmm. Or could I simply use the built-in reg editor with the program to do it Jimmah's way, editing SAM?

You dont have to rename it. that is something totally not relavant to what you need. Sorry just us going off on a seperaet subject. :wink:

If you can get into the Admin accoutn you can then reapply your user account to Admin status. Then you can disable the ASP.NET account.
Oh ok, cause that re-naming confused me a bit there, heh. :tongueout:

I will try every method listed here of getting the Admin account showing when I have to time. Wish me luck. :grinning:
Hey SouthernCross, don't mind my rambling.

Anyway, the software I mentioned well be an .iso file when you download it. You well need to burn the .iso image to a CD so it is bootable. There are many programs out there (free) that can do this, but I'll mention CDBurnerXP's method since that is what I use.

Go ahead and install CDBurnerXP on a seperate computer if you have access to one. Start it up and from the menu that appears, select "Burn ISO Image". It then pop up a new box for selecting the file and burn options. Select the button with three dots on it to browse for the ISO file you downloaded. Keep the rest of the default options and click "Burn Disc".

When the disc is finished, go ahead and eject and re-insert. Make sure that browsing the CD's contents show multiple files and not just the ISO file you downloaded. If there is only one file, then you'll need to re-burn.

Otherwise, take out the disc and go to the computer you are having problems with. Insert the CD and boot from it. At first, it may look like a screen of random words/numbers, but wait until a list of commands you can use shows up on the screen and just follow the instructions from there on.