bcdedit.exe hangs in detailed view

The builds are still coming - must be tantalisingly close now.

More/equally importantly - how did the exams go?
Yep.... very, very close. Only things left in our internal dev bug tracker are slight UI usability improvements......... and improved OS X support which is really killing me for 3 reasons:
1) Unreliable. What works for one person doesn't work for the next.
2) Unreliable testers. Mac users aren't sticking around after their setup works.
3) Unable to reproduce. Can't get any problems they describe with EasyBCD to occur on my end.

Soon, god willing :smile:

(as for the exams..... the computer one went great, but the elective I'm taking 'to raise my gpa' - psychology - really screwed me over)
I asked the SF Team if any are dual/multi booting with os x. Nope.

Will try to scare up a couple from the regulars.

BTW- Not related to Easy - do you know how bcdedit could come up blank - also no entries under the Boot tab in Msconfig?
Usually that will happen if Windows thinks one drive is the boot drive when in reality its another. So it's querying an actually empty BCD store while another one is being used during boot time.
I figured he was looking at an empty store - not sure how that happened - or what the easiest way would be to get him to fix it.

Don't think he's very experienced.

I haven't seen others report it - often they have the system partition on one HD and the 7 installation on another - they don't seem to have this crop up - curious.

I will wait and see if he maybe used Easybcd 2 and changed something by accident.
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Thanks Jake,

Will prob get him to use Easybcd - if he ever posts back.

Odd - we get huge numbers of people at SF who have just installed 7 - all kinds of problems and permutations - never seen anyone with this before.

Tho. Mahmoud's post seemed to indicate it's not unknown.