can not find bootsect.exe on easy BCD


Hello! I am on a mission here and am a novice at best. Thank you for the introduction to BitTorrent yesterday as I have burned a recovery CD for my 32 bit Vista, however it did not help my situation. I am trying the next steps you have outlined> I have downloaded the BCD 1.7.2 and am trying to go through the prompts to tell my computer where bootsect.exe is,

bootrec.exe /fixmbr (operation completed sucessfully)
d:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force (the system cannot find path specified),
d:\boot\bin\bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force (so I added Bin in the example here and same thing, obviously I do not know how to point things in the right direction here.
I believe my CD drive is D: but am not 100% sure however after doing step 1 and while performing step 2 the cd drive starts working.... I also tried to just find the bin folder (on my XP machine which I am using to download and burn)and I can't explore BCD.

I guess I should tell you the cause for all of this, my computer decided not to boot XP 2 daus ago and after trying repairs, diagnostics, recovery and even speaking to the fine people at Sony, here I am. I was using the partitioned C: recovery and it kept going to 90% and saying "returned 63 while storing an image"
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Hi impyranha, welcome to NST.
You'll find it not in the Vista BCD, but inside the ProgramFiles/Neosmart Technologies/EasyBCD/Bin folder
I am wondering if the problem lies with my cmd prmpt line starting with X:\sources>

I tried your path and could not find it..


ok have it pointing to D now, Rookie : ) but could you tell me what the whole command would be, this will set me straight i believe as far as commands are concerned, Thanks


I have tried it every which way but loose and Im still not getting it.... I am trying to learn ahat order and what a "/" vs. a "\" means and not having much luck.
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Use the dir command (dir c: dir d: etc) and you can see the contents of each of the drives.
You should be able to see which is which, and work out what letters the recovery environment is assigning to each of your devices. This will not necessarily be the same letters you're used to seeing from Vista.
When you've identified the correct letter for the partition containing your Neosmart folder (call it x for example) you can call bootsect using the full path X:\........\Neosmart....\Easy...\Bin\bootsect.exe for wherever you discovered it's located.
Windows uses \ for filename separators
/ for website page separators, and for parameters passed to a program for execution.
cd /d "c:\program files\neosmart technologies\easybcd\bin"
bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force
cd /d x:\sources
still can not find

First of all, thank you for the help and direction so far : )
I still can not get it to open and I have a question, when I downloaded the BCD program (to my XP computer) it is an exe file. This is the way I burned it and put it into the Vista computer, is this why I can't find the folder? Do I need to run the program to unpack it or something? :|
EasyBCD is an .exe file, but it resides inside the Neosmart folder. It calls other programs from the "bin" sub-folder. One of those programs is bootsect.exe.


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