Can't boot into xp in triple boot setup


I had xp, vista and win7 installed in a triple boot setup. At first all three operating systems booted. Now, for no apparent reason, XP gives that familiar black screen saying to insert disk and do a repair and mentioning /Ntldr. I have used EasyBCD before to recover XP but I lost the other operating system (then just Vista). Is there a way to get XP working again but keep the other boot options for Vista and Win7 too?


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You shouldn't have lost Vista before (unless you mistakenly used "Uninstall Vista bootloader" - that's only for someone who wants to scrap Vista and reinstate XP as a lone system - NEVER to be used if you still want a dual-boot)

Post Disk Management and "display settings" info (as described in the last points of the sticky) and we'll take a look at what's gone wrong.


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He also asked for the display settings from EasyBCD :smile:

From early observation I see XP's partition doesn't have drive letter associated with it. Close EasyBCD and give XP's partition a letter assignment by right clicking > Change Drive Letters and Paths and try re-adding an entry for XP.


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EasyBCD 1.7 has no auto-configure capability for XP. It expects you to know what else to do.
Get EasyBCD 2.0 latest build.
Delete the XP entry from the BCD and add it again. Accept the offer to auto-configure XP. Don't change the drive it specifies for XP.

(the sticky tells you how to post the EasyBCD settings. (Use detailed mode, copy paste the text, no need for a screenshot), but in this case, because you did attach a picture, it does reveal that you're not using the latest software)
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