Can't Download Vista Recovery Disc Torrent


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I get a red line in availability, No seeds, No Peers. I need to download the Recovery Disc iso. Any ideas where I can get this image? Greatly appreciated!
Hi Hyper, welcome to NST.
I've just clicked on the 64 bit download using Opera (which handles torrents natively) and there were 506 seeds !
And currently 1191 seeds for the x86 image.

If you're not seeing any seeds or peers, that means that your admin has blocked outgoing access to port 6969, which is the port of the NST tracker.
Forgive me for gate crashing this thread, but I also would like to posess a method of repairing Vista Ultimate (x86).
Mahmoud, you may recall helping me about a year ago with a very sick XP machine which unfortunately turned to a cinder!
I was so lucky that this disaster occured whilst it was in the care of a friend who felt obliged to help me by building a nice new machine for me!
Since he is the IT Manager of a large organisation, he kindly installed Vista Ultimate under his company's volume licence.
Since he has been so very good to me I couldn't possibly ask him for an install disk, or other means of repair, so this tool seems to be what I need.
A couple of questions, since I'm not very acomplished in this field!
I tend to associate file sharing sites like uTorrent, with piracy and other nefarious activities!
If I could indeed use this disk to carry out minor repairs to my O.S. :
Is it legal!?
Is the download guarrenteed free from spy ware?
Will a novice like me be able to set up uTorrent, and create a useable disk rather than a drinks mat!?
I would be very grateful if you could answer my (probably silly) questions.
µTorrent is not a site, it is a program. It is used by Linux Distros to transfer their ISO files to their users. It is not illegal in any way and there are many legal uses for this technology. is a site where you can get legal movies from. The Movie Studios are a part of that site.

Yes it is completely legal. If it wasnt dont you think Microsoft would have put a stop to it after almost 2 years? I dont think with the amount of sites that this has hit and the search results that it would have been ignored if it was illegal.

Yes the download is guaranteed free from spyware. I made the x86 version from a fresh install with no internet connect at all at the time. It was right from the Vista install to the ISO with no internet connection or anything else installed to possibly corrupt the file.

Yes it is really easy to setup µTorrent. I have given instructions in various threads but here they are again.

Once you install µTorrent click the Gear looking icon. That is the Preferences Manager. There click Directories and check the box for place downloads in and choose your location where you want the file to download to.

Make sure to associate all .torrent files with µTorrent then just open the .torrent file from here and it will load and start to download. All done.
Thanks for the reassurance Makaveli213 as you can see, I'm not the brightest button in the box concerning file sharing...or much else come to that!

From what little I've heard, it's necessary to open certain ports to enable communication.
All I know about this is that it can be a security risk, I've no idea how to do what might be needed, my router is something I don't mess with, ...well not since I cut myself off from the world for a couple of weeks!!
See what I mean!
Is the port forwarding taken care of automatically, and how do I ensure the "Door" is closed afterwards?

I presume that it is necessary to burn an ISO CD from the download using something like Imgburn?
Is this disk essentially an install disk (once created) and will it support my "Ultimate" edition of Vista?
I primarily need to repair a few things, so that I can "Image" my system in full working order!
If I could also re-install from it, that would be magnificent!

Sorry to ask so many questions but hope you understand.

PortForwarding is only something you need if µTorrent can not connect. That you will not know until you set it up. But dont be afraid, there is a site that can help.

It gives instructions and pictures. It can be a security risk, but it is unlikely. I have had several ports open on my router for over 5 years now, never a single problem.

Yes you will have to burn the .iso to a disk. No it is not a install disk. Yes it will support ANY version of Vista.

To get a disk you can reinstall with you will have to find another way to get the disk. Cause this disk cant do that.
Makaveli213 Thanks for that information, I'll have a read at the link you've given me!

Just looking at other postings on this subject, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I might have a problem using this disk.
Will it be possible to repair my installation using this downloaded disk alone, since as I've previously stated, my operating system was installed by a very kind friend using his company's volume licence.

Only now do I appreciate how big a privilege this was, consequently I don't feel I could now ask him for an install disk.

It is this thread, post No. 6, that makes me think I need the original install disk.
Am I misunderstanding it?


Just looked at the linked information, but unfortunately my Speedtouch model (585v.6) isn't yet supported, so I hope that uTorrent will be able to connect!
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The only use for our download disk is fixing a system that cannot be booted, and it's provided for those users who bought an OEM PC with Vista pre-installed, where the vendor didn't provide portable recovery media.
If your PC boots, and Vista is running but not 100% healthy, our recovery disk won't be any help at all.
It provides you with the "startup repair" facility if your BCD/ bootmgr is missing or broken, and the ability to run Recovery Console and System Restore.
If you can boot the system, run system restore and access cmd.exe, then it doesn't do anything else you can't already do.
Sad news that Terry!
Thought I'd found a way to sort a small cosmetic, but irritating problem.
Is there a chance that you smart guys might be able to help me solve it?
If so I'll post the details!
Thanks Terry,
I'll appologise in advance for the length of this posting!

I'm running Vista Ultimate SP1 and Office 2007

My 500GB HDD is partitioned into 4 "Drives".
I try not to put anything on the "C" drive where the OS resides, but of course, some software muscles in regardless!

"D" Drive is my Recovery sector (Little on it at present).

"E" drive is home to my Applications.

"F" drive is for my Data Files.

Viewing any of these Sectors/Drives in Explorer, my chosen view is "Large
Icons", under each of which is the "File Name".

One evening I noticed that on the "F" (Data) Drive, only the large icons
are showing, i.e. there is no text beneath the Icon to show the File Name.

Selecting ALT>View, my preferences (Large Icons, and Auto Arrange) are
selected, and "Sort By" shows "Name" and "Ascending".
These settings are exactly the same for each of the Sectors/Drives, but only
the "F" drive does not show the File Names for any of the "Icon" style views. They only show if "List", "Details" or "Tiles" is the selected view.


Around the time I noticed this, I had downloaded and installed "Paragon Partition Manager 2009se".

It was late!

I realised that I had mistakenly selected my "F" drive as the destination, and just to be sure, I Right clicked on the programme in the "All Prog's list, and clicked "Get Target"...this brought up the folder, sure enough, it was on the "F" drive.
Then I did something silly!

I cut and pasted it onto the "E" (Apps) Drive and changed the path to find it. Opening the programme from "All Prog's", opened the interface, and all seemed fine, so I closed the programme, only later did I find that this programme has a multitude of folders spread over the blessed disk, so the one I had moved was not the complete programme after all, merely a part of it!
Shortly after, I realised the Icon descriptions were gone from "F" drive, and suspect my clumsy actions were responsible.
Fearing that I might make things worse, I've left it this way but the missing file names are such a nuisance, making me search using explorer folders view!

I'd be grateful if anyone can instruct me on how to undo my mischief, without the risk of making things worse!!
Move the folder back to F and change the shortcut path back again, then uninstall the App and reinstall it where you want it.
In Explorer pick a partition that looks the way you want it.
Organize / Folder & Search Options / View / Folder Views / Apply to folder.
All the other partitions should appear the same way.
Thanks Terry,
Undoing what I did was also my own logical thought process, I didn't however follow this impulse, since from bitter experience, my "logic" has got me in deeper in the past! lol

Since you endorse this reversal, I'll give it a go!
Annoyingly, I found that I didn't need this software anyway.
I downloaded it to help me do a clean install of XP on a new HDD for my lappy, and achieved it using the partitioning tool in the install process!

Not quite clear about the instruction to get the descriptions back with the icon views though.
I'll let you know if I get into difficulty!


My God!
Terry, you're a magician!!
All back to the way it should be.

I was convinced that I would have to live with "List View" for ever, and would have to get some stronger reading glasses!
Thankyou so much!

Now I really will take an Image of my system, since I can live with the foibles of Media Centre which is the only other area that my installation seems to fall short!

Thanks again, I'm one happy bunny!
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Happy to help, though I might not be so useful with WMC. My own Media Centre (live TV) exhibits behaviour that mystifies me. I can only watch TV if after a reboot I stop the WMC receiver service and start it again. The TV will then function perfectly till the next reboot. It makes absolutely no logical sense, since the status of all the services is exactly the same before and after the action I have to take, but weeks of hair-tearing and experimentation, including uninstallation of other TV software and deep-cleaning the registry, all led to this discovery of a simple, if illogical, workaround.
Exactly!, so it's not just me then.
Ho hum, I guess I'll live with it, but oddly enough, I feel better knowing that it's not something I've done to upset it!
Just write it off as another "Vistaism"!

Grateful thanks again for sorting my Icon problem.
It's something that's only been happening for the last few weeks/months. Before that it was 100%.
It might be SP2 related (right approximate time frame), but I can't be positive because I was distracted at about the same time by an unsuccessful upgrade of the Hauppauge TV software from a perfectly working WinTV6 to an appallingly bad WinTV7, and I assumed all TV problems were a consequence of that, until I'd cleaned every last trace from the system and was still left with this WMC quirk.

Are you getting the same symptoms ? or is your problem different ?
TBH I don't use WMC much, I've only had this PC 12 months, and it seems that it's always played up when accessing any online content, or attempting to play internet radio.
I don't have a TV card anymore, so can't comment on that.
I just feel it's a poorly thought out piece of software.
I took great care setting it up to only look in my media files, and what does it do, displays my entire drive!!
Aparently there is no way to stop it, so I generally resort to WMP, it does all I want, but without the flashy interface...and associated probs.
...some times makes you wish for a MAC!
No I don't really use it for anything other than TV now. I did experiment when Vista was a new toy, using it for Photos, music, video etc, but soon reverted to WMP and Photo Gallery.
Apart from Live TV the only other thing I find it does well is recording of TV in a format suitable for Movie-Maker. The combo makes it very easy to produce a good-looking DVD movie of any broadcast programme.
If I ever install a TV card on this PC, I'll remember that.
I was never very satisfied with the results that Cyberlink software produced but always suspected my graphics card was not up to the job!