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I'm having problems with my LG cd/dvd player/burner. It won't burn or play anything, I installed a new one and have the same problem. I'm wondering if my dual boot xp/vista is causing the problem. VLC and Windows media player state no device detected.
Hi mc,

Don't think that's something that can be affected by a dual-boot, have you tried updating your BIOS?
Not sure how to update BIOS, never done that before. I have checked the device manager and everything seems ok if that matters. I'm lerning as I go, thanks for the help.
Well, you go to your PC manufacturers website and check out their driver downloads. There should be an entry for the BIOS there.
I called MDG Canada for support and was sent a patch that didn't work. Then was told it was microsoft problem and I need to reinstall vista. Not sure how to do that when my cd/dvd player won't work, thanks for the help.
Before you can know for sure if it's an MS problem, when you go into your BIOS, is the DVD writer listed in the list of installed drives?
Thanks for the help. I was able to enter Phoenix Award BIOS CMOS Setup Utility. I checked all the sections carefully and didn't notice anything regarding my dvd writer.
OK, if you checked that section that had a list of your hard drives, and didn't see a listing for your DVD writer, it's not a Windows-related problem.

  • Check the power:
    Press the eject button, if it works then power isn't the problem.
  • The the connection:
    Try another IDE cable (or attaching it to the same IDE cable as your hard drive) and see if it takes care of it.
  • Check the jumpers:
    If it's alone on the IDE cable, make sure the jumper in the back of the drive is set as master. If it's w/ something else, make sure to set it to either slave or master accordingly.
no CD/DVD drive after NERO 7 installation

On the other thread I'm posting my huge problem about my presario laptop that cannot perform system recovery.

While for my other laptop which is a Pavilion tx1000 series, I have problems with my CD/DVD drive. (OS: Vista Premium)

The CD/DVD drive suddenly did not appear after installing Nero 7. I checked the Device Manager, and there's no category for CD/DVD drive. Then there's an exclamation mark on Network Adapters - Microsoft 6to4 adapter #10.

I already updated my BIOS and for the adapter that has exclamation mark, I updated the driver already but still there's the mark. I don't know if these are TWO separate problems or they're related to each other.

Usually, my CD/DVD drive appears when there is a USB icon on the taskbar. And now, it is not appearing and it will only appear when you attach a memory/flash drive. It usually detects my CD drive when I start my laptop BUT now there's no DRIVE E:\ listed on MY COMPUTER. I detached and re-attached my CD drive but still nothing happened, still not accessible.

Anyone can help me? VISTA is torturing me!!! V-I-S-T-A = Virus Installed Switch To Apple. :x
Do you have any system restore points you can use to restore your PC to a time when it was working?
There's no system restore points, i don't know else what to do....

This is the only laptop I can use so I can fix my other laptop which really in a bad condition right now.

I already tried/checked the regedit if there's upper/lowerfilter, but nothing is listed. I read that it's a conflict from a burner installed. This is not applicable on my case.
Yes, I've uninstalled it already. But the folder of Nero is still in the Program Files.
Also there's another Nero installed in the Uninstall a Program, but if you try to uninstall it, this error will appear: This action is valid only for products that are currently installed.

The folder in the Program Files cannot be deleted as well. It displays a loop of question asking for permission to delete, but it did not delete anything. The only thing you could do is, to click CANCEL.
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