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I experienced this problem about a year ago with Windows Vista, and none of the workarounds published on the 'net for Windows XP (UpperFilter/LowerFilter, etc.) would work.... in the end I had to format.

Perhaps someone else has a less-crippling suggestion, but I personally don't have any other thoughts.
Nero 7 is problematical in Vista despite Nero's own claims to the contrary. I found that only the very latest version of 7 was compatible and even then it acted up frequently.
There are articles all over the internet about it and you are best advised to go for Nero 8 (which I can guarantee works in Vista as I use it) or something completely different.
Here's one article:

However, you should also be approaching Nero Support


Uninstall Nero 7 and go for something more up to date. Nero's "Cleantool" will help with removing leftover traces after you've done the regular uninstall:
(Make sure you use the right one).
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