Change name of OS at boot option screen


Hi I haven't visited for a long time nut I would like to ask a simple question. If you look at this screen shot, it will make it easier to understand what I want to achieve using Easy BCD if possible.

Basically I want to change Earlie Version of Windows to XP Pro and Microsoft Windows Vista to to Vista Ultimate 64 Is is possible to do it using Easy BCD and how

Yes. In EasyBCD choose the Change Settings option. There you will see the option to change the name entries. Like shown. From there choose the Manage option and re-write the Boot loader. Done.


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The groupboxes indicate which buttons belong to which. You're ovbiously not going to click the top save settings button if there's one below the settings you're trying to modify, though that may be something that might want be changed with the next release to avoid any confusion.
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I tried my best to group the save options together, but there are some things that can't be integrated... Sometimes changes at the bottom are unwanted or even not possible while the user is attempting to configure something in the top section.
Understood... doesn't make any sense changing timeout while you're working on an entry. Maybe a tabbed interface between the two like you did with the Add/Remove entries section?
The Add/Remove entries page gives me a lot of grief with users that don't know to switch between the tabs... as it is a lot of people come here with silly questions like "where do I rename an entry" and "how do I change the timeout" because they have something I like to call "depth blindness" - they'll see everything on one page, but aren't willing to do an extra click to get to more options and sections.

For that reason, I'd rather keep things as "layed out" as possible; though I am open to any other suggestions for a better UI......

I wonder if there are any "UI usability experts" out there that would offer some advice...
Oh, I'm not at all upset.. Actually, I'm thrilled to be getting some constructive feedback and recommendations! :grinning: