Cloning W7 to other partitions, then booting...

As I mentioned earlier, when I get the chance I'll experiment with this and see what happens.


btw, I also think this has something to do with whether you clone it to the same drive as a different partition on the same disk.
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Yeah no worries.... I wasnt meaning to sound impatient, or trying to push you!....

Hmm... maybe Ill try to restore it to a different disk.. see what happens... All the clones I have done have been taken from and restored to the same disk....
Just to clarify: I'm talking about a scenario where the restored partition and the origina partition are on two separate drives at the same time when you try to boot.

Good luck.
Not had chance y et to test your suggesiton..but I am wondering if I could manipulate the partitions with a boot manager to hide the ones I dont want to see, thus forcing the OS to be C....


The amount of times Ive tried, I couldve simply installed W7 for the 3 - 4 multiboot sysyem I want lol...

Still seems odd though tha tI can restore a clone from an earlier W7 install, and can get this work fine.. Its just when using a clone of the current OS that I run into isses!!!...
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Probably something in the registry differs between the old and current snapshots, so that they are viewed as different installs by Windows post-cloning.
1 - Install W7 & whatever else you like!
2 - Use your fav prog ro backup W7 partition.
3 - Restore backup to another partition.
4 - On original W7, install eBCD, you can check volume ID on C & D should be same!
5 - Change VolumeID on D to xxxx-xxxx (hex) - reboot.
6 - Check id on both partitions, should now be different.
7 - Run eBCD (should show original install boot info), add new entry (select OS and drive D).
8 - Reboot, should now have boot menu with 2 options, select your cloned OS!

Hi all,

I add a point 3.5

For example, W7 (OS1) is installed on the partition UnitC-Disk1(C):
W7 is cloned (Acronis True Image) and restored (OS2) for example on the partition UnitE-Disk2(E):
After cloning, the partition name: UnitE-Disk2 (E:smile: --> UnitC-Disk1 (E:smile: and is renamed to clarify in UnitE-Disk2(E:smile:
From OS1, the hive system of the OS2 is mounted
In the MountedDevices key, exchange the letters C and E as follows:
\DosDevices\C: --> \DosDevices\wE: (w as waiting for E)
\DosDevices\E --> \DosDevices\C:
\DosDevices\wE --> \DosDevices\E:
then, the hive is dismounted
and after all works like a charm!
continue through the points 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 and that's all!
The steps above in 3.5 are documented by Microsoft here: How to restore the system/boot drive letter in Windows

In my case both D (disk 2) and C (disk 1) had Windows 7, but when I booted into disk 2 the drive did not change to C.
To fix: I booted into disk 2 and followed the steps to swap C and D around.
After this when I boot into Disk 2, Disk 2 is listed as C. When I boot into Disk 1, Disk 1 is listed as C.