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how to proceed ??
i have 3 hard drives .. vista 32 & xp64 on one , vista 64 on one and ubuntu on one . easy bcd is on the vista 32 o/s .

Now i want to put another linux + xp pro onto the 3rd drive (the one with linux on it >

everyting seems to be ok at the moment ( except at boot i get a cursor with grub by the side and i have to reboot to get to the easy bcd menu . i am going to configure the linux from the neogrub on bcd , having assigned grub to the linux partition on the 3rd drive rather than the vista boot loader , and i am hoping that should solve the cursor grub thing and boot straight to the easy bcd menu ?

thanks richard


ps .. i have just read the neogrub info and i am not clear what i should be entering onto the menu.lst ( is it ? ) to get it to boot from the easy bcd menu ?? can anyone help . The linux o/s is on the 3rd hard drive but I am not sure where i should direct neo to as there are a number of partitions there ie swap etc ....

thnx again rimskyx


do I just type what is on the page for configuring neogrub ie find --set-root /NTLDR etc ???
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As for the GRUB/BCD boot issue. Yes that should solve your issue.

You shouldn't have to enter anything but the boot info for the Linux OS's into the NeoGRUB to get the BCD to boot. If GRUB is the default loader. Repair the Vista loader to get that as default.

What is on the page of NeoGRUB is just examples.
The boot info is the information used by GRUB to boot the Linux entries.

NeoGrub - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Full documentation on NeoGRUB there. You will modify the menu.lst to get the multiple Linux entries working with NeoGRUB and you will see them on the BCD when it loads. No GRUB before it.
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its not clear to me from that info u gave me in the WIKI what I should be entering onto the menu.lst . this the set up > ubuntu is installed onto the 3rd hard drive and easy bcd is on the 1st drive > given that what should I type to get to ubuntu from the menu ? ( I just have the one linux installed at the moment > one step at a time !! )
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With only 1 Linux installed you can jsut remove the Linux entry and add it again. But when you add it again check the box for GRUB not being installed to the MBR. That will giv eyou the ability to boot to it.

If you have more than 1 Linux entry you will have to edit the menu.lst with the boot information for hte various Linux installs.
ok thnx


ok I did that > I removed the neogrub entry < removed and added the linux entry and checked the grub not installed to MBR entry ... booted up to a list of ubuntu entries like safe mode and mem test + about 3 windows longhorn entries which if clicked all get this error # 17 file not found message ????
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Sounds like a corrupted GRUB. Guru will have to answer this one. It is beyond my knowledge of NeoGRUB.
You shouldn't be using NeoGrub for a standard Ubuntu installation. Instead, follow the instructions in the Wiki to install GRUB to the bootsector of the partition, taking careful note of the steps about using the /dev/sd* notation to tell the installer where GRUB should go near the end of the setup process.
problem is ( maybe !) that i no longer remember what I installed first > vista or linux . What I do remember is that I installed grub to the linux drive . Easy bcd and vista is on drive 2 and xp /vista 64 is on drive 1 .
I just tried selecting linux and grub in easy bcd but the drive with linux was not in the list > just the first two drives . So just to give it a go I selected the drive 2 and rebooted . The system then rebooted to an old boot menu from somewhere or other ?
What should I do ?
apologies for duplicate post but...

I still dont have a solution to my issue ....
thanks for your help so far

I have xp /vista 64 /vista 32 working all I need now is to get ubuntu to boot from the easybcd menu .

by the way if I get into the boot menu via F11 key and choose the drive with ubuntu on I get that list I mentioned and ubuntu boots fine from there > it would just be simpler to get them all bootable from the same place !!
problems with adding ubuntu

I had tried that before but I tried it again anyway .... what I got was this when I clicked on the ubuntu entry in the easy bcd list : a page with the title Windows Boot manager and the message that windows failed to start etc etc and advice to try a repair and underneath that :
File \NST\NeoGrub.mbr

status 0xc000000f

the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt ...

The above cannot be about ubuntu as its boots up fine from the boot from drive menu as mentioned in a previous post ????
SO what should I do ????
If you can not even get it working with the ceating method. Then there is something wrong with the GRUB install. Cause i use the cheat method myself since i can never get GRUB to isntall right and it works just fine. Even with Kubuntu. So there has to be something going wrong with your GRUB install Rimskyx.
ok I did that BUT when I click on the ubuntu onthe easy bcd list I go to a windows boot loader with a message suggesting I repair from a disk and this :
status 0xc000000f
the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt

as i said before ubuntu boots fine from the f11 boot list thnx richard