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Im sure there are some about people getting a new one, but lets maybe make a thread devoted to them.

I just found out that i can set my desktop size past my monitors highest size.

I have a Compaq Flat Screen (CRT) 740. The highest i could get the display for the longest of time was only 1280x1024, but i guess i from a driver update (i just noticed this, it wasnt there last month) i can now set my desk size to 1600x1024. (i do believe this is a wide screen size) it is the second highest on the switch, the highest being 1600x1200 however when i change to that size the monitor dies and i wait out the 15 second kill time.

im glad i got my display larger ^_^ helps with programs like GIMP
I have a Samsung 930BF right now. Along with my Dell CRT Flat screen i got with my PC. Using Dual Display.
Not really. It stinks using a CRT next to a LCD. You see how bad the CRT colour display really is. That is why i can not wait to get a new LCD Widescreen to replace the CRT adn move the standard LCD i have now to the 2nd monitor.
It isnt like that. I have had this stuff for at least 2 years now. The only piece of hardware i have gotten in the last year is my Video card and that was only cause we got our Tax Return Money already. Aside from that i have nothing new. Still running my PC of 5 years now.
well still

i have not money for anything really

and i see myself still using this computer for a few years.

My monitor is from a Windows Millennium machine. i love it but another monitor would be awesome. its always 35 pounds lol
My current setup:

Sitting right next to this aging beast (much worse than a CRT monitor and its color-scale is blown to hell):

are you serious your actually using a screen that big???????????????
well anyways i figured out the same thing today after installing company of heroes i tried to make the graphics worse because naturally my computer sucks and can;t stand high graphics while changing the resolution i accidentally made the screen go length wise and it took me an hour to undo because the mouse controls were also changed and then there were bigger settings and next to that it said (wide screen) just thought i might share with the class
That screen doesnt look too big. its normal now-adays LCD screen size i think.
But would the problem be if your screen was too big. as long as you GC can support it it will jkust look better and allow you more room.
What are the DPI of you monitors Guru?

i was trying to tell Sarge the difference between DPI and PPI. he didnt seem to understand

DPI is equal to the display of an image, on a monitor or printing. how many dots the printer prints out, seeing as Pixel is just a unit of measurement and not actually dealing with how well the picture looks and how much detail can be shown.

Higher DPI == better quality images. higher PPI == larger image size.

i should be correct, tell me if im wrong.

we started talking about it after i mentioned i bring up the DPI on my GIMP creatives. usually above 200, my standard is 500.
Kahai, PPI (pixels-per-inch) and DPI (dots-per-inch) are two different units to measure the same exact thing.... Higher DPI == Higher PPI; both of which are equal to better quality images...

The reason for the two different units is because a "pixel" is actually composed of three dots (the RGB sub-pixels) and companies were taking advantage of this to misrepresent the actual DPI of their monitors.

As for the DPI in Gimp, Photoshop:
DPI refers to the physical size of an image when it is reproduced as a real physical entity, for example printed onto paper, or displayed on a monitor. A digitally stored image has no inherent physical dimensions, measured in inches or centimetres. Some digital file formats record a DPI value, which is to be used when printing the image. This number lets the printer know the intended size of the image, or in the case of scanned images, the size of the original scanned object. For example, a bitmap image may measure 1000×1000 pixels, a resolution of one megapixel. If it is labeled as 250 DPI, that is an instruction to the printer to print it at a size of 4×4 inches. Changing the DPI to 100 in an image editing program would tell the printer to print it at a size of 10×10 inches. However, changing the DPI value would not change the size of the image in pixels which would still be 1000×1000. An image may also be resampled to change the number of pixels and therefore the size or resolution of the image, but this is quite different from simply setting a new DPI for the file.

you lifted that from wiki (or there source) didnt you?

i knew that there were three dots per pixel.

and Vector images PPI and DPI dont matter a lick lol
We've had a similar conversation before in these forums.
I'm still battling away with Samsung 713N - 17" Analogue LCD:

But the one I want is the Samsung 226BW - 22" W/S Digital Display:
^ awesome Peter

Yes i know if you read the OP (Original Post) i said something about it.

i just though this should be for all thing monitors.
Peter, that 17-incher is pretty almost exactly my old 17" Samsung.. you won't believe the difference when you get around to upgrading!

so this is more to the graphics card part of monitors, but ill still put it here

I maybe getting a free CRT monitor, and i was just wondering will my 8400 GS support dual-monitors?

here are the technical specifications: 8400 GS

i know it has a DVI port, a D-Subminiture port and a S-video port.

i would love to dual-monitor.