^ yes i know, but i was just wondering, i havent done anything with dual-monitors, so i didnt know. and just becuase it says something like that doesnt mean it always is.
Almost all graphics card support dual-monitors - and all operating systems, too.

You'll just need a DVI-VGA adapter so you can plug it in.
^ okay awesome ^_^ thanks, and yeah i need one of those, ill have to get one sometime when i have the money :frowning: (which i have none of most of the time)
^ yeah i looked online for them. So i just need to go to best buy and get one, or circuit city

thanks every that helped ^_^
So i bought a Dvi to D-sub for $13 dollars, and i got the second monitor today ^_^ its a hp pavilion mx50 the highest resolution is 1024 by 768 so its weird to move from my main monitor thats at 1280 by 1024 lol
yes yes ^_^ i just wish stardocks, virtual desktops worked differently but oh well lol (idk what i mean by that lol)
(bumping for attn ill edit my post and delete this once responded to)

Ok so i found out how to put the second extended desktop on the correct side to where it is IRL, so i wont be so confused anymore lol

also i have a S-video port as well, could i use a third monitor (or tv)?
Donald told me about his dual monitors and I had another monitor and converter myself, so we got my dual monitor setup as well! :grinning:

I like it a lot.
Does MS flight sim support multiple monitors with different views (like a real simulator) ?
Found this on the web from about 3 years ago...apparently a genuine 13 monitor MSFT Flight Sim setup.


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Looking at all the towers under the desk, it's a bit more than just a multiple monitor setup !
Must be fun to fly though.
(I've landed a British Airways Tristar, in heavy gusting wind, with a starboard engine failure, and got it on the ground in one piece right down the runway centre-line, on one of their real sims at London Heathrow, and that felt quite real, complete with turbulence and landing thump. I dont think MS have got the 6 degrees of freedom hydraulics integrated yet ! )
At age 18 I almost started training to be a BOAC (now BA) pilot, but unfortunately my eyesight was 1 point over the limit. Nowadays you can be almost legally blind and be a pilot - maybe a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean.
Snap !
I too spent a weekend at Hamble on a selection board for BOAC, and was failed on my colour vision.
(I'm have anomolous trichromatism - which means I'm not classically colour blind with a missing colour sense, I see all 3 primary colours, but not in the same balance as "normal")
I therefore had to fork out my own money to get my PPL, which is restricted to day flying only.