Does IE7 Expire? IE7 Won't Install on XP after installing IE8!

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One could ask if the latest release of IE 8 beta tried on XP would cause a problem reverting to IE 7. The one problem that however was a full reinstall of XP to see IE 6 running while the add/remove programs list will show IE 7 installed?

That was seen after first trying the beta for IE 8 on XP followed by using a restore point to roll back. What was seen with the roll back was IE 6 since the beta wasn't used to upgrade from 7 at the time. When giong to install 7 after the roll back IE 6 still won't open but simplty see a new desktop shortcut on every try to open it. Outlook Express clearly worked as normal for the 6.0 version.

After first trying a repair install to get the default back 7 or 6 rather saw the exact same problem. Would a reformat and clean install of XP see results? :brows:

You would think that wouldn't you?! NO WAY! :rage::rage::rage: sums that up! At least there's FireFox 2.0 for the time being if not putting IE 8 beta on again.
If you ran the updates for XP then yes IE7 was installed. It is now a part of the "Must have's" of XP updates. It is not a "recommended" update anymore. SO if you really wanted to test this you should not have updated with IE7 and made sure that you still had IE6.

If you never installed IE8 or you had done a format there is nothing to stop IE7 from being installed. There are several people here alone that was able to roll back to IE7 from IE8 with no issues.

So your issues is isolated and specific to you. It is not a problem that is specific to everyone. I will format and install XP again on my machine if you wish and show you that having IE8 on there does not give the results you talk about.
IE 7 wasn't installed when IE 8 was tried out. I simply rolled back to see IE 6 once done. When going to install 7 after it would be listed in the add/remove but still won't replace 6 or Outlook since that was still running OE 6 and works normally. A repair install saw no results leading to one option of wiping things out. No go!

Apparently I'm not the only one seeing a problem with IE 7 on XP at this time. Some are reporting blank white pages indicating they are on the home page while nothing but a blank page is seen. They also report the "now downloading updates for IE 7" message being seen during the installation. This has never been seen prior to the recent reinstalls of XP you know about here.

Prior to seeing this any time XP was reinstalled whether Home or Pro versions both on the last build and now Home along with Vista on the current IE 7 always went right on without a hitch. I even tried unchecking the updates option along with manually removing IE 6 as far as folders and registry values to see if it would go on by itself. It's an odd one alright.
Well your first issue is you should have had IE7 installed before IE8. How can you Emulate IE7 if you dont ahve it installed? Just doesnt work. IE8 is based off of IE7 right now and works just like it for the most part. If you choose to use the Emulate button it uses IE7.

So your problem comes witht he fact that you never had IE7 installed. Now when you try to open IE it looks for the IE7 stuff which never was there. Which is causing your errors. Of course it is now fubar.

I have rolled back my system. I have uninstalled IE7 and went back to IE6. I have then gone back and installed them all again. I can not for the life of me reproduce any of these issues you are talking about. I have a system that is much older and used much more than yours. How is it that a system that has been used for the last 6 months can not reproduce a system that was just installed no more than 2 months ago?

Just removing folder and Registry will not help you. IE is BUILT into Windows. You will have to remove it fully. Via the add/remove applications. From there hope that you can recover it enough to reinstall IE.

So yet again trying everything you have said i can not reproduce any of your results. Does not make it a bug until it can be reproduced. That is how they do it. I have even went as far as reporthing this to the Windows IE8 people. So far no one has been able to get the results. Sorry but so far it is a isolated incident.
IE 8 ran without using the emulate option for 7. When using a restore point to go back to 6 IE 7 made a partial install only from the listing seen in the add/remove but never replaced 6.0. With a clean install of Windows to start off fresh IE 7 still refuses to go on fully and replace IE 6 and OE 6 as it has always done on previous occasions.

When reinstalling Vista for the move from the ide drive now gone to one of the sata models discussed on the other thread I saw problems with IE 7 not opening up in Vista. Once I turned off the DEP using a tweak at the command prompt IE 7 has been in use since that time.

In XP however when trying to open an IE windows once IE 7's installer finishes and the system sees a full restart you see a split second flash like an IE window going full screen and then closing up. Go to open Outlook Express and 6.0 is seen running normally. Despite the clean install of Windows something is blocking IE 7 from going on fully in order to see 6.0 replaced.

It's almost like IE 7 has to go on before any of the recent updates since once you connect all of those seem to go on first. The next thing to try here is using the add/remove to see all updates removed and then seeing if IE 7 will then see a good install.


It wasn't updates that saw IE 7 finally working! Talk about problem solving the method used got a little involved but finally worked to see IE 7 install fully with one thing missing namely it's companion Outlook Express since that never gets upgraded to OE 7? There was none!

A little work in the registry as well as booting in safe mode to see files and folders removed prevented OE from reappearing on the next normal startup. The first attempt to see IE 7 go on following the manual work turned out as expected refusing to open up to the home page. Anyone for an upgrade install inplace now that Outlook Expresss was no longer seen? The second installation attempt seemed to smile...:smile::smile::smile: a little when a default tabbed browser window then opened.

But what about OE? Gee time for the XP cd and a trip into "C:\Wundows\inf" to locate the msoe50.inf file and right click on that to choose the install option to suddenly find all files back in the C:\Program Files\outlook express folder. That blank looking shortcut in the Start>Programs menu suddenly became OE again. Looking good!
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. [FONT=&quot]I have the same problem. I made a dumb mistake to install IE8. Because it did not work (has not been approved by certain security websites), I tried to go back to IE7. The icon IE7 would open for a few second or cannot be open at all. In addition, the Internet Options in the window Control Panel cannot be opened at all, needless to say, that the name of this icon disappears too. When I log off and log in on as a different user, the IE7 works, it let me browse, but the right mouse click is not functioning (doesn’t let me to open a new tab or a new window). I can use only back and forward buttons. To get rid of this nonsense, I had to go through to go back to IE6. And it would not be a problem, however, the search engine is corrupted by our Verizon provider, which for some reason had decided to monopolize the search option, which represent the only Verizon search engine. As a result, I am using only Mozilla Firefox at the present time.[/FONT]
Hi EVC, welcome to NST.
Do you have a system restore point from before you installed IE8 ?
Ok the thing here is that you need to downgrade back to IE6 before you can upgrade to IE7. So go to control panel and uninstall IE8, verify IE6 is working, and than run IE7's installer. System restore can help do this sometimes, but I would do the clean method first of uninstalling it from the control panel.
I was a little surprized seeing this old thread reopened rather then a similar new thread. Since that time both XP and Vista have been reinstalled entirely a few times each. I am still going to wait for the final version of IE 8 however since I tend to use Safari as the default browser more often.

Vista of course sees it's own version of OE 7 in Windows Mail the new name instead.
PC eye, what does mail haft to do with IE? Just cause you ugrade your browser doesn't mean that OLE or Win Mail gets affected.
When originally downloading the IE setup for older builds in order to go from IE 5 to 6.0 on 98 Oulook Express would be updated as well there. For simply going from 6 to 7 in XP only IE sees the change.

The newer version of Windows being Vista sees an upgrade of OE to Windows Mail as well as to IE 7. When installing 7 fresh on XP after 6 goes on you still go through the IE setup wizard for re-entering all information but still see OE 6.

EVC Some time back when all that happened I simply removed all traces of IE in the registy as well as on the drive and ran the IE setup for 6.0 downloaded and saved in a folder then upgraded that to 7 afterwards. The MS article seen there refers to the beta not finished version of 7. Once you are rolled back to 6.0 simply download a fresh copy of 7 at

What happened before was not first rolling back to 6.0 before trying IE 8 out. Apparently you ran into the same thing there.
Having IE7 on a machine has no affect on OE or Win Mail. If it did have a effect why can IE8 run on XP with OE6 and Vista Win Mail without any issues?

I cna not for the life of me figure out what connection you are trying to make between OE and IE.

They are even less tied to each other now more than ever. Win Mail doesnt even have the connection to MEssenger anymore as OE does.

You went off on a tangent that had no real use to the topic. Talking about Mail and Browsers are 2 totally different things.
Here to even get online you first have to setup an account in OE or WM and then see IE open upto MSN until finally setting your own home page. Why there was no upgrade for OE as well as seeing a newer version IE come until the next version of Windows is out was the thought there.

Apparently EVC is running into a different problem there due to not unchecking the "make Verizon the default search provider" type option when setting up the connection there. Was that seen when simply using the search window on the address bar or a separate tool bar there?
I have never had to open up OE to get IE to open. NEVER. I have yet to even run Windows Mail on my Vista install. OE never runs on my XP Desktop yet i run IE all the time.

You do not have to open OE to get access to IE. Even thru the start menu all you have to do is click IE to get to the web. OE never has to be opened or run. Over all my installs over the past few years i have opened OE 1 time. To troubleshoot a error the wife was having. Other than that it never gets open yet i use IE all the time.

Sorry mate. But you dont need to touch OE to use IE at all.
Dsl here requires you set your inbox in order to log online with the assigned user name and password in order to first login there to see the IE home page come up. Plus this build isn't the host pc connected directly to the dsl line by way of a nik card.

What I was referring to earlier about seeing OE included along with IE was seen with 98 when moving up from IE 5.0 to 6.0 and seeing OE 6.0 on after. That was the stand alone service pack that saw both IE and OE included together. Check this one out.


The installation for Outlook Express is a hand-in-hand installer for both Internet Explorer and Outlook Express."
As I was saying it depends on how you connect. For dial-up you have to have a user name and password setup to logon when the modem dials one from a list of the ISP's numbers in order to get on there. On another system here OE isn't used since a free account was setup at the ISP using that information to setup a direct connection with only IE there.
PC eye, I must second Alex here. Never use OLE on XP or Win Mail on Vista. I use MS Outlook, but the first thing I do after an install is get online to check for updates.
Even with FireFox or Safari as separate browsers I still have to see the mail account created in either WM or OE even if I were to use an alternate for mail itself. That's the ISP for you!

That's how they set it up for adding on additional systems to the main hub other then the host pc seeing the software. Are you familiar at all with Verizon 2Wire/Home Portal?
As i said. It is a issue that comes up with your ISP. I have cable and i do not have to enter a username and password or load up OE to connect.

When i had dial up i just loaded the software. Be it AOL, CompuServe, BlueFrog or what ever and type in my username and password. Even on dial up i didnt have to open OE first to get IE to load. I just signed in with their dialer program and then clicked the IE Icon.

That issue is solely something that revolves around your ISP and not common with people on cable or FiOS.