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Hi, newbie here and stuck in first gear. I'm unable to download EasyBCD (Free) version. I've liked on Fbook, entered my name and email, pressed the download button. I get taken to the donate screen however no download kicks off at all (either Mozilla or Explorer). Am I doing something wrong to be able to download this tool...? thanks..


ok, possibly a problem with the download page. I had searched for 'download' in forums and had no hits however I've seen these 'similar' threads at the bottom of mine.. Using the link I've secured a copy of the .exe.
Would still appreciate knowing if I was doing anything wrong or whether the download site has a bug.

Ex_brit (9 May 2013)
There seems to be a problem with the download page, I'll notify the owner.


Meanwhile here is a direct download link: or here:


The page has been fixed now :wink:


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You're OK? The download button works fine for me.

Good luck.
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