[Download] UAC-Free iReboot BETA

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Oops.. I somehow uploaded parts of build 12 with parts of build 11.


Can you please try again?
Are you sure you put build 12 up and not build 11? Ooops...posted at the same time...will try.


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yay - 'bout time!

Thanks so much for all your help and putting up with buggy builds, Peter!

/me runs off to study now.
Rebooted back into XP and got a pop-up boing-type startup error but I think I solved it.. There were two startup references to ireboot - 1.0 and 1.1, I deleted the old one should be OK now.
That didn't happen before, strange, but I think Terry mentioned something similar.


Rebooted now a few times and everything is working great, thanks again CG.
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Tried this to see how the options worked. Can't use it to change the default boot obviously, because of HnS, but thought I'd see what it looked like with the booted system suppressed.
Changed the showcurrentOS argument to false, but it's still there in the pop-up list, even after a reboot. Would you expect it to work on an HnS system ?
Also, just for interest, what does the autoreboot do if set to true ? I assume setdefaultonstartup is the one that changes default boot to be the current system.
iReboot currently checks if an entry is the current OS or not by seeing if its BCD id is {current}.

Unfortunately, I've just remembered that Windows XP is never listed as {current}, that is to say, when booted into Vista or Server 2008 the BCD store will recognize the current OS and map its entry to {current} but not for XP.

This makes sense of course since as you very well know the BCD doesn't actually load XP directly, instead it loads NTLDR which deals with the rest. So multiple XP entries are launched from a single BCD entry so you can't actually hide the generic "chainload NTLDR" entry from the list......

Does that make sense?

setdefaultonstartup is indeed the one that changes the default boot to the current system.

autoreboot is the value of "Reboot on Selection" - it gets saved between iReboot sessions, remember, and this is where we store it.
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