[Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA

Hey CG. No I meant an alternative graphic for the boot screen Vista hidenseek to Win7 HidenSeek. Vista had so many problems I rather not see the word! But a great program. M
Vista HnS v. registry tweak v. BCD 2.1

The new version of BCD is great. However, as most users of BCD boot between WinXp, Win7 and maybe Ubunto - unless the registry tweak works for you - you still need HnS to preserve system restore points.

The registry hack doesn't seem to work for quite a few people including myself who now use HnS successfully. So has anyone established WHY the registry hack doesn't work universally, after all windows KB thinks it does. Has anyone established what other parameters are perhaps linked with this problem? Is there no chance of somehow incorporating the hiding function in the BCD, it seems to do everything else. Mike
What's your configuration Mike ?
I'll compare it to how mine was originally when the hack failed to do the job for me ( why I originally arrived here, and never got round to leaving !)
To be honest, my current config is completely different (twice as many OSs, shuffled around onto new HDDs) so the hack might work for me now, but I never got round to trying it because I'm pretty happy with my custom HnS setup and of course, "IIAB - DFI")
Uploaded my config from the Win 7 side, doesnt show a lot. Strange thing is, windows xp is disk 1 and windows 7 is disk 3 when you look at the actual sata cables to the mobo. The virtual rendition continually changes. Mike


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No that's absolutely nothing like my original setup (like this without W7 or Ubu), so no clues there.
Your simple unpartitionioned separate drives setup has been certain to work with the hack in my experience here, so it gets more mysterious !
Hi - only 2nd post.. so quick second "hello".. :smile:

Just a quick question - last week I was setting up a PC for my sister in law who wanted Vista on one drive and XP on the other. Straight forward i thought using easy BCD etc... And it was. Everything worked fine. Two logins for XP and Vista for her to login at start appears and all login fine with no issues.
That was however until she told me that she was having issues with the "restore in Vista" issue (which i later found to be a problem while searching the net..) As the version of Vista was Premium it didnt include the BitLock feature (which I believe can resolve this issue on Vista) Anyway to cut a long story short... Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA solved the problem perfectly. However, I still have easyBCD installed. So when my sister in law logs on she gets the usual login screen (hide n Seek one) XP goes straight in no problems, but when she chooses Vista, the two options to choose appear again (with the 30 sec countdown) originally set up with easyBCD. Hope I am making sense here... lol..:nerd:
Basically is it ok to uninstall easyBCD and just use the HidenSeek? ? The main thing it works fine, I guess I am just trying to cut out the easyBCD XP/Vista option screen? (Vista is the default OP btw..) Thanks in advance anyone.. Ged:smile:
You don't need to uninstall EasyBCD, just run EasyBCD and delete the XP entry.

Happy hide and seeking!
Mike, I'm sure you know that HnS isn't at all supported any more, which is of course a damn shame given how much work went into it.
Thanks to you, I've been happily using the old HnS since the Vista days.

Has the HnS functionality been added to the latest EasyBCD or is the old version of HnS still fine until Windows 8? I haven't had a reason to look into it until a recent adventure with Linux, but I thought I'd look and see if there were any recent developments.

Is it possible to do the same thing as HnS with a manual configuration of GRUB2?
Yes, HnS is essentially a GUI to create a menu.lst file then swap (by mutual renaming) grub and bootmgr.
I'm still using it (highly customized) to boot XP/Vista/7/8.
Quad boot Vista, XP, W7 and Ubuntu using HnS to protect system restore points from XP
(Linux swapped for W8 since this thread was posted)

Is HnS working with the latest EasyBCD or are you using it with 1.7.2?

Also, I'm having some trouble with Ubuntu (trying to boot from USB with it's own /boot and GRUB) when connected to my Windows 7/XP dual boot HnS system. Maybe you could have a look. Note that I'm not actually trying to integrate Ubuntu into the HnS GRUB4DOS boot loader.

Ubuntu on external USB drive corrupts my EasyBCD/VistaHnS XP Win7 dual boot