Dual Boot EasyBCD Not Working


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after reading a few more of the threads.. I remembered that I should mention this:

I had Windows 2003 Server installed on Drive C and XP on drive F (when I installed vista it recognized drive F as drive G, so i renamed it in drive management)

When i installed vista i formatted C and put vista on there. In another thread it was mentioned that XP sometimes installed the /ntldr stuff in other locations, perhaps it installed it on drive C (as I installed XP after 2003 was already there) and i just wiped it when installed it?

In which case how do I get it back, and put it on drive F? I've tried a bootcfg /rebuild but it didnt fix it.
I might have a solution to your problem...well actually, ur description of hte problem gave me a solution to my problem which might, in turn, serve as a solution to yours (if that confused you...good...u r paying attention :tongueout:).

This was my deal...I installed vista...shrank the partition...installed xp...reloaded the vista mbr...in the vista bootloader, got the error mentioned in this forum. After reading ur post, it struck me...DUH...cuz I installed vista clean, it installed in the C: drive...when I installed xp, it installed in the next drive BUT it seems \ntldr is located in the C drive not the drive where I installed xp (go figure!). So the solution, change the partition when I'm loading xp from E: (in my case) to C:...bcdedit -set {ntldr} device partition=C: (might have to confirm my syntax as I just typed that w/o confirming myself :tongueout:).

Hope this helps m8!


EDIT: Yay...I can play WoW again (why did I edit this post to post something so useless to others? go figure).


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Hey, thanks for the post for4k!

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Yep, that's a verified "bug"/"feature" in Windows Vista & EasyBCD.
EasyBCD 1.6 will feature a workaround - once 1.51 comes out that is.