Dual Booting Windows XP & Windows 7

You're right about EasyBD ( & Vistabootpro). However, I had Vista pre-installed on C then partitioned D for XP. I installed XP then used EasyBCD (from within XP) to point from XP back to Vista format. I believe it was when it did that I suspect it copied NTLDR etc from D to C cos that's where I subsequently found them. When I booted back into Vista I initially made the mistake of putting D in the (EasyBCD driven) Vista boot manager entry for XP. I should have put C as of course Vista/W7 only looks for NTLDR. That's when I got the 0XC000000F error. I changed the Vista boot manager entry for XP to point to C (though it seemed counter-intuitive at the time as the XP opsys installation was of course on D) and everything worked fine.
I didn;t have the same problem when I used EasyBCD with a Windowqs 7 + XP laptop so I suspect it might have been an option I inadvertently chose when messing with EasyBCD & Vistabootpro from within XP when I first created it .

Either way, it's definitely number one on the list when you get the 0XC00000F error pointing to /NTLDR - look for NTLDR & put that drive as your XP entry.

We only released EasyBCD 2.0 officially today though, and previous versions didn't have this auto-detection and auto-correction capability.
You can take a screenshot of your desktop by pressing the Prnt Scrn (or Print Screen) button on your keyboard, then opening up Paint (Windows menu->All Programs->Accessories->Paint), and pasting the screenshot in with Ctrl + V. Then just save it as a .jpeg image. Then upload it here as an attachment in your next post.

meant how to take screenshoot when windows start booting,and when i need to choose between 2 os??