Dual XP/Win7 - Not booting and fixes failed.

Hi. Searched a fai amount and this is my first post as dont seem to see the exact problem i am facing. Had a dual booting system which had XP and WIn7. XP parittion was the system disc.
Both Os's on different discs. All working fine.
The disc with XP was beginning to 'stutter' so planned to replace. COuldn't just remove the disc as PC would fail to boot. Hadn't heard of EasyBCD then and tried the recovery tools on Win7 Disc and the final command has screwed the partition label. Can this be undone.

This was the last attempt that seemed to screw things. 'bootsect / nt60 C: /mbr'

C: was the Win7 partition and at the time the WinXP disc was not connected.

I am hoping there is a simple command prompt command i can use to fix the issue as the win7 receovery tool recoginises a win7 installation but on unknown paritition.

here's hoping.... :smile:
Just go ahead and use the recovery partition to recover Windows 7 on Unknown Partition. Once you get into Windows, we'll sort out the drive label.
thanks for reply -

i have win7 64bit ultimate OEM version. so whilst i have no recovery partition, i do have the disc. startup repair doesn't work - it actually says it cant do it. - since i did that command. I dont believe unknown is a label - i believe it can't figure out the type or partition!.

Would using that command againbut specifiying the xp partition get me back to where i was?
i managed the first part - the force all on bootsect.exe

further than that i can't go as the partition isnt being given a drive letter, thouhg the error is now just reporting that the bootmanager is completly missing and it cant fix it. which is hopefully better than last time as it was reporting as unknown.

should i try disconnecting the older drive so just the drive with win7 is available for the prevoisuly mentioned steps?

thanks again for this continued help! :smile:


ok - on disconnecting the older drive i am able to get dos to give the win7 partition a drive letter.

stage 3 of the process accepts all commands but cant reboot successfully as nto a system disc so i went onto stage 4

as C: didnt have BOOT dir on the root i created one and started the very manula process.
i couldn't get any further than importing the bcd.temp from c:\boot\

it fails there..... the file is there it just wont import.

i understand what stage 4 is doing (just) as been around dos for quite some time (ashamed i am in this pickle as easybcd would've fixed this in 2secs if i had just known there was a win7 compat version before i started :tongueout: )

any thoughts?


another question - i have a working win7 system underneath my tv as a mediapc. is it worth me copying the contents of the c:\boot directory to usb stick and copying onto my failing pc and then trying stage 4 from scratch? as i didnt have a boot directory on c to start with will this do more harm than good?


**gonna use ubuntu to try to get my files off of the win7 instal anyway just incase this is a lost cause and i need to reinstall. be gutted if there isnt a workaround but thought it was a safe measure
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been a while - how do i check that at command prompt and if not active how do i set active?

using ubuntu - all partitions as they were are visible so my files are safe - can ubuntu help set partition active?
no luck with that - and although all my files are available - partition sizes are messed up. i tired the nice script to manually create a new bcd on the win7 partition but still fails at the import stage.

bit lost as to where to go next. if i reinstall windows - am i going to lose the other partitions as well? - i am due to get a new hard drive anyway tomorrow and could do a fresh instal to that and then hook up this drive and move all relevant files across but that seems long winded when everything is still there just not booting. :frowning:
Instead of import, try just copying the BCD file to the \BOOT\ folder.


But I'm almost convinced the no active partition thing is a problem.

Try using diskpart from the Windows 7 recovery CD to set the active partition. Fairly straight forward :smile:
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ok, where is the bcd file stored before the line that tries to import it.

what is the syntax for diskpart - neer had to use it before and not much comes up in /? mode

Hi diablosblade,
normaly the Win 7 x64 (Ultimate) create a hidden active partition.
In this "System, Active, Primarily" partition is the boot folder with the first BCD.
Normaly you can see this small hidden Partition (100 MB) with your Win 7 Computer-Manager ( I do not no remember the english Name, the German Name is "Computerverwaltung").
In there is the HD-Store with all your connected HDs and so on..
There you can see the "System Reserved" partition, make this partition with a Label, like "B" for a short time and you can see this partition with your File-Manager-Program.
But ATTENTION: It is a Danger Area, it is the Win 7 Boot Area.
PLEASE make a HD-Backup bevore you work in this Partition.

If you are finish with your BCD eding, remove the "B" form this partition and the partition is hidden again, like original.

Recapitulation: It is very Danger to edit manual in this hidden active System Area.

Greetings from Germany,

Hi Computer Guru,
This I understand..
If the Bootmgr or the BCD missing, by delete this "Area", so he must control, is the Folder presend and only the not set to active boot, or is this "Area" total lost..
Windows 7 x64 Ultimate creat a hidden Partition.
Win 7 x64 need this to start up Windows.
Is this partition missing, or the bootmgr/NTLDR you become a black screen with blinking Cursor or a BSD or a message "bootmgr not found"...Hit a Key..

Was my "Brainstorming so false/wrong"?

If i read here the Problems with XP and Win7 (32 Bit and 64 Bit), I see my self 8 Mounth ago.
Only with your EasyBCD i have found my booting "wish list", so I am very happy to know this Side and You / the Team.

My troble is, I do not understand (US-) english so much, so i can corespondense in regular english language.
I Understand a little bit my US-OS, but writting a letter?
It is hard for me.

Greetings from Germany,

Right - the win7 partition is now marked active and the script still fails at the last hurdle. There is no more code after that line to just copy with

this is the script i am using from another very similar post

set systemdrive=C:
set tempbcd=C:\boot\bcd.temp
set tempfile=C:\boot\temp.txt

bcdedit -createstore %tempbcd%
bcdedit.exe -store %tempbcd% -create {bootmgr} -d "Windows Boot Manager"

bcdedit -store %tempbcd% -create -d "Windows Vista" -application osloader>%tempfile%
set /p winvistaguid= <%tempfile%
set winvistaguid=%winvistaguid:~10,38%

bcdedit -store %tempbcd% -set %winvistaguid% osdevice partition=%systemdrive%
bcdedit -store %tempbcd% -set %winvistaguid% device partition=%systemdrive%
bcdedit -store %tempbcd% -set %winvistaguid% path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
bcdedit -store %tempbcd% -set %winvistaguid% systemroot \Windows

bcdedit -import %tempbcd%
any ideas?


@struppi. I system build myself so i only get full oem versions of windows. As i have full control over the install there is no hidden partition to deal with. I was dual booting with XP so XP went on first then windows 7 - both on different physical discs. My XP drive is barely functional now and i can't boot directly into the win7 any more due to various failed fixings. All the files are still there (accessed via ubuntu) but windows can't see a partition table or boot settings to boot up with.

If i had researched this properly and realised easybcd works with win7 now i would have used it to start with and saved myself a lot of trips up and down between the media pc under my tv and my study pc which is the pc in question.

@ComputerGuru - i assume i cant just copy the boot folder from my media pc - also running win7 and then just fix that?
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Well diablosblade,
I do not like to set instruction via PROMPT.
If I was you, i create first a boot-USB-stick with a "Windows-shell" including a File manager.
Then, in the second step, i control the BCD in the smal partition, is the BCD presend and all the ather Files and Filder (24 - 27 MB total)?

Have you a Folder in the "C-Root" of your HD with name Boot?
Is in this a RECOVERY.BCD?
Is in this the bootmgr and all the ather Files and Folder (24 - 27 MB), like boot.wim in the subfolder with name sources?

For Win 7 x64 normaly is the "C-HDD" not the active primarily system partition.
Only you have tweak this, you can set directly boot -> jump to "C" and following the instruction there.

Greetings from Germany,

STRUPPI (I know, this situation is hard, very hard for you)

I have too the OEM of Windows 7 x64 (and much more).
I have testet installation without this hidden partition.
The Installation was fine, all working, but after big trouble, it was to hard to reactivation my Windows.
With this smal partition I am free of hard trouble, the Repaire function of Win 7 work fine (this need the smal partition) and much more.

Well I understand, you work without this safty partition and have direkt the boot folder in the Root of your "C-HD"..Right?
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@ Struppi - there was no "boot" on my c drive to start with as it was on the other disc which has now died. With no valid boot folder i am trying to recontruct a working one that can access my partitions and boot but i keep failing at the bcdedit import stage (see above).

even the command "bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd" finds my c drive win7 install then cant rebuild the bcd from there.

not the best situation to be in.

i just need a way to rebuild a bcd for the c: drive win7 install - from scratch effectively.
Hi daiblosblade,
do you a system builder (like me) right?
Then start up with a modificated routine on your Win7 x64 Ultimate.
You become a Box with Repair or install wishlist and go to Repair.
The next is Repair booting (MBR) and Win 7 repair the MBR and set new the BCD
If you go to Install, you have a Wishlist to Fresh/New or let the old WIndows and make a second (or third) Windows.
Then you can install all Win7 from Home to Ultimate, 32 Bit or 64 Bit, what you will (and need).

I have tryed this on my System, from Repair MBR/Booting to Repair WIndows 7 to Install second and finaly install fresh (with and without formating)

The same Bootfix is possible with the (only Original?) WinPE, but this I have not tryed.
USB stick with WinPE bootable and lets rock (slowly please).
My WinPE is von REFLECT (MACRIUM Backup) in 32 Bit and in 64 Bit.
The PARAGON 32 Bit Emergency is on my system not so good, but can make a HD-Backup without Windows.

Greetings from Germany,