Easy BCD won't install _ dotNET issues

I did a clean install of Windows 10 on a new SDD and I am using it with my old HDD with windows 7. I want to use Easy BCD to switch between the 2 drives. I went to install Easy BCD and I received an error message that dotNET is not correct version but when I try to install the newest version of dotNET it says I already have the latest version.

Screenshot EasyBCD 2021-05-31 223938.png

Screenshot .Net 2021-05-31 223826.png


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You don't need to reinstall EasyBCD.
Execute it from wherever it exists on your old drive.
I have it installed on a data drive with a shortcut on each OS.
It does not entangle itself in the registry of an OS, it's quite portable.
The only reason it uses the standard Windows installer is to give you a simple "Uninstall" option.

sorry, re-reading I realize you probably never had it on W7 in the first place.
Suggestion - try installing it there
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Sorry, I should have been clearer - I need to boot to either the new ssd with W10 or the old hdd with W7. And just so I am clear on what to do next - I should install EasyBCD on the hdd with W7 and whatever configurations I make in EasyBCD will apply whenever I boot up, no matter which drive I select, right? My main objective is to get to the Metro style choose your operating system screen. (I don’t want my kids in the BIOS.) Thanks again!


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Install it on W7, hopefully side-stepping the .NET problem.
Then boot W10, set up a shortcut pointing to EasyBCD on W7 and execute it from there.
Add an entry for W7 to W10's BCD and then reboot and you should be where you want to be with a boot menu choice..