EasyBCD 1.5 Linux Bug

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[Download the latest version of EasyBCD to address this and many other issues]

With regards to several comments on the blog and a couple of threads here on the forums, here's a bug thread:

Linux fails to boot on certain configurations of systems with GRUB as the booloader. Details are forthcoming.

Status: Verified, Working on Fix.
Fix Version: EasyBCD 1.51
Release Date: Really Soon!

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Blog Comments:

NeoSmart Technologies' BugCentral Link (for privileged users only!):
A patch has been created, and is now available for public testing.
You can download the patch at http://neosmart.ath.cx/nst_grub.zip.

To use this patch, first create a Linux entry in the Vista bootloader via EasyBCD 1.5, then browse to C:\NST\

Unzip (or drag and drop) the contents of this file over to C:\NST\ and reboot. (i.e. replace the existing nst_grub.mbr file with the one in this zip archive).

When prompted, select "NST Linux Loader" (or whatever custom name you gave it) and hit the <Enter> key. Grub should then load.

Please post your results at http://neosmart.net/forums/index.php?gettopic=202 and don't hesitate to start a new thread for any related issues.

Patch: http://neosmart.ath.cx/nst_grub.zip
Bug Bulletin: http://neosmart.net/forums/index.php?gettopic=202
EasyBCD 1.5: http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1
EasyBCD 1.5 Release Notes: http://neosmart.net/blog/archives/273
BugCentral: http://neosmart.ath.cx/jira/browse/EBCD-101
Before I applied the patch, when I chose NST Linux Loader, I got nothing. Blank screen! Now, after applying this patch, I get the word GRUB in the top left corner, and then nothing else. Here's my setup:

Windows XP and Vista on one HD
Ubuntu Linux on another

The original order of installation was: XP, Ubuntu, Vista.
Hiya boyGenius, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Well, you've certainly done nothing wrong, I'd say everything you did up to now is correct - interesting.

Are your drives SDA or HDA?
I'm nez on this forum then first i'd like to say hello :smile:

Now i'm here cause i found you some days ago and i wanted to try this software whichis more conveniant than the windows bcdedit command line.

Problem : exacty the same as boygenius

My config :
Motherboard : MSI 965P-S3
Intel Core2 DUO E6300
3 SATA2 HD 3Gb
1 Internal IDE DVD Burner
1 External IDE2USB DVD Burner

Config HD :
Disk 0 = SATA 2 HD 200Go; 2 Partition : OSX86 and ntfs
Disk 1 = IDE HD 120Go, 4 partition : 1 ntfs and 3 linux (1 swap + 1 home and 1 usr => Mandriva 2007)
disk 2 = SATA 2 160Go 2 partition : Windows XP PRO x86 (legal and registred and activated), Windows Vista Ultimate RC1 x64 (legal and registred and activated)
disk 3 SATA 2 HD 200Go; 1 Partition

HDD mode : AHCI (The only way for me to install OSX86)
i forgot, my boot loader was lilo, i changed it to grub but still the same problem.

An other thing, why in the software lilo is available but it's impossible to use it ? :s
Lilo support is disabled in 1.5 - it will be added in 1.6, but GRUB is much better anyway.

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies though, I'm sure we can figure this out.

It seems that the patch isn't working as well as it should be - hang on there, I'm seeing if I can find the issue (a bit difficult since it is working well on my machine and on many others' machines too... it must be something small).


My boot looks the same (Grub at the top left corner)

IDE1 Master = two partition XP on the first
IDE2 Master = DVD
IDE2 Slave = Suse (3 partition :smile:)
SATA 1 = 3 partition with Vista on the first
Don't worry about it, I'm in contact with a GRUB "jedi" right now, I'm sure we'll figure it out between us :tongueout:

.... or i hope so!
As a matter of fact: yes :smile:!

A fix has been found, we're just finishing the patch off, you should have it really soon! We don't want another rush-job that will create more problems than it solves (well, not really, but it feels like it!) so we're testing this one out a bit more extensively.

That, plus we're getting help from some of GRUB's authors! :smile:
the link to the patch http://neosmart.ath.cx/nst_grub.zip isn't working anymore.
I have the same issue with vista and Suse 10.1, and would like to test the patch.
Could someone email it to me? or make it avialbe again on the net.

I wasn't at home past couple of days, apparently Longhorn Server BSOD'd.
I've restarted the server via a remote fuse switch, it should be working now.
i am afraid i still can't download the file:

Connection to Failed 
The system returned: 
    (113) No route to host

It would be cool if someone could mail me the file (cluder at users.sourceforge.net).
I could also make it aviable on my webspace (core-dump.ch) for an alternative download link if you want.
It turns out our hardware's to blame, not LH Server.. or so it seems.

I'll host it on the main neosmart.net server once I get back from work today in a couple of hours.. we just typically put patches on neosmart.ath.cx for easy updating and control over how we deliver these fixes... but if the server's not down :rage:

Anyway, sorry for the trouble!

@Everyone Else:
The final Linux patch is *almost* out! It works beautifully thus far... but we might need to ship a new version of EasyBCD.exe as well as the C:\NST\ files...
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