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I ran this utility as per the tutorial from Sevenforums and when I tried to transfer the Bootmgr to C:\ drive it indicated that it was a logical drive and not a primary drive now when I try to exit the utility I get an error message telling me I no entries currently installed and if I try to restart my computer will not boot. WTF. Somebody help me. By trying to change the drives does this render my bootmgr null and void?

I have attached a screenshot of the message.



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You're using an ancient version of EasyBCD. Version 2.1.2 was released ages ago, version 2.2 has been out for a very long time, and version 2.3 beta is what you should be using: http://j.mp/EBCD2
I tried to update this thing and it reverted back to the 2.1.2 plus I went to the site itself and 'supposedly' got the latest greatest. All this is well and good but my problem and lets stick to it by the way is how do I get my bootmgr back in its right place? What I did was restart and now my computer is locked out saying " BOOTMGR IS MISSING".

What I am having a hard time understanding is just because I ran this utility why would it remove the bootmgr and not put it back to where it belongs when I ran the repair/replace. I see where it put a copy in My Documents but I am unsure how to put it back where ever it came from. I ran the utility to find where it was and put it on C:\ drive but when I did it said that C:\ was a logical drive and not a primary drive then I tried to exit the program and as stated it has rendered my computer no operational.

At the moment I am on my laptop trying to fix my broken desktop. I am one pissed off individual over this utility doing this and need hepl putting the BootMgr back where it was in BIOS. HELP!!! Old version or not I need to put the saved .bcd back.


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I can't help you if you're using the old version. Download 2.3 from the link I posted above.
As stated I am on my laptop trying to figure a way to get back into my desktop. All I get is a black screen now on the desktop. I will say one thing that utility was not lying when it said I would not be able to reboot. GRRRRRRR

I also see that the link is to a site that charges 20 usd to use the utility. That is just great the thing that broke it was free. Angry is not a strong enough word right now. All I want to know is how in the heck to I put my machine back to the way it was.
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Did you see the link I posted for the BCD repair?
All I am getting at present is a black screen . I able to get to BIOS and several of those deals but when I put my OS drive in it goes to black. My recovery disks only take me to the HP total recovery which I am trying to stay away from because it'll want to reformat everything (BTDT) and it doesn't recognize my SSD which means I would have to redo everything all over so as to transfer(migrate) it all back over again. This is what I am trying to avoid if at all possible. If I had known trying to put the bootmgr in another partition was going to do this I would've stayed VERY FAR AWAY....it is not worth it.
i have made at least 15 recovery disks and none of them work why I don't know when i made em they seemed to be made right I did make a system image today but can't get to it i have made repair disks backups and everything else you can think of but the only thing the pc is able to ''see'' are the HP recovery disks and they are wanting to start all over again rather that take me to the recovery window that has all the choices like Restore or System Image or Windows Repair. Iam kicking myself for restarting my desktop after that GD error message by EASYBCD which btw I searched for hrs looking to see how I could back out of that thing and not screw up my boot thing but sure enough it took it out I do have two backups in My Documents but no way to get to them.....
"You're using an ancient version of EasyBCD. Version 2.1.2 was released ages ago, version 2.2 has been out for a very long time, and version 2.3 beta is what you should be using: http://j.mp/EBCD2"

thanks for trying to sell me the 20 dollar utility. the link above would be nice if my desktop wasn't dead. nothing like shutting the barn door after the horse is gone. So EASYBCD takes out your boot manager and no one on this site knows how to put it back in place without having to go to another site and buy a download? just wonderful.
okay i found an old hhd and have booted to it (it is now C:/ drive) my SSD (the one that has no bootmgr) is on P:/ drive now. also i have the new 2.3 beta edition of EasyBCD now can we put the boot back on P drive?
i see now that this utility defaults to windows 8 grrrr now i have a windows 8 showing when i boot to the old hdd that wasn't there before and have to TAKE that off now christ almighty man i wish this thing had an operators manual i am trying to use this thing and it is NOT user friendly i am in the process of getting rid of the windows8 bootloader. i can certainly understand why you have that thing on your posts about not taking requests or doing pm's this thing can and does screw things up if you're not careful and i fear i have blundered into something that is going to be hard to straighten out and am mad at myself for ever going to SevenForums discussion about why another hard drive shows when trying to make a system image they pointed to your utility as the way to fix that issue.

now your utility says because i am in a UEFI system it has disabled several features. all i know is this is no fun and if you have time to help now that i have my desktop running on an old platter drive i would be very grateful.
Well now i have two hard drives with no boot manager, this is just wonderful. what gets me is there is no walk thru with this thing or video or anything to let you know the proper sequence of either making a backup or restoring a step or just basically putting it back like it was to start with. i do have those files in my documents but they are of little help if you can't get to them and after buying the recovery discs from HP it is a personal thing not to buy another utility to make those things work and how would we even know if they work? if the instructions are like easybcd then forget it. the thing is i went by another forum with graphic pictures and big red circles showing which button to push in what order but they left out what happens if doing so gives you a message saying the partition is not the primary but logical partition and then when trying to exit out you get the message ' your computer will not boot ' just wonderful to be honest the issues this has caused is well lets just say i'm glad i cant get my hands on somebodies neck. when i went to the link to get the utility and when i downloaded it it asked would you like to update i said yes and waited and it moved a bit then went right back to same version which i see is not the latest i went and got the latest and it looks and acts like the old one but says it doesn't 'do' UEFI bootmgr data jesus christ man and it took out the bootmgr for that drive also and did not put one in another drive letter like it said it did so now i am stuck as stated with two dead drives

oh btw i tried the command prompt thing and got all the way to where it gave me a GUID number but then the instructions from that point forward didn't work leaving the second hard drive dead in the water

Why doesn't this thing put a bootmgr in another partition and leave the original alone?


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None of the links I gave you require a working Windows, both EasyRE and the instructions for BCD Repair use a bootable CD to fix your Windows when it won't boot.

We really can't take responsibility for any damages incurred to your PC in any case, we provide powerful tools and advise making backup. We especially cannot be held responsible when you're using an EasyBCD version that is almost four years old.

EasyBCD also warned you very clearly that if you reboot your PC you will not be able to boot. It made it clear that you do not have any entries in the store and rebooting would be a huge mistake - you did anyway. If you needed help with EasyBCD, you probably should have come here and asked us first - SevenForums is not the place to go for EasyBCD support.

It seems your automatic update from 2.1.2 to 2.2 didn't work - though I'm not sure where you got that old version from in the first place. In that event, you probably should have manually downloaded 2.2 manually and upgraded. The links I gave you above - using the Windows Recovery CD or our own Easy Recovery Essentials are my advice now. There's not much else for me to give you.
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mqudsi:- looking at the repair link above it requires the Windows DVD i have stated i have an OEM HP recovery disk setup that does not take me to the list of choices shown it takes me to the HP list which sadly i have tried all but the reset to factory "out of the box'' configuration which i am trying to avoid at all costs because of the the registry files i am trying to save plus the 200+ MS updates already done. the bcd repair

This article explains how you can recover the bootloader for the following Windows versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8*****using the setup DVD (installation DVD)*****

i don't understand what you mean when you say i can create a bootable cd/dvd when it clearly states i have to have the installation dvd. which we have covered several times being the OEM HP bloatware and also i have to set the computer back to factory stats (original gfx card, original hard drive,etc etc) for it to even work.

as far as purchasing the the other option "EASY RE" at this point i am willing to try anything to get back up and running. i am willing to go on and bite the bullet and pay 20 bucks to keep from having to start all over from scratch (not to mention all the Origin and Steam games I'll have to re-download and those 200 plus windows updates) as stated previously this whole thing started when i made a System Image and while doing so it included my other hard drives rather than just the OS drive which led me to a discussion on another forum about why other hard drives are showing up and how to remedy that situation. i know perfectly well that YOU are not responsible for what other forums say and do even if they refer to one of your products. I also know i led myself down this path and no one was standing over my shoulder holding a gun on me making me do what i did so lets don't go down that road anymore and just stick to fixing my problem. the repair thing doesn't work as it calls for a win7 disk now the easy re is what i want to discuss. what you are saying is all i have to do is purchase it make a dvd boot to that and choose the option to "autorepair" and it will allow me to boot back into my hard drive am i correct ???


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Yes, that's correct. After burning the ISO to a bootable CD or USB from another Windows PC, you can boot up from it on the PC that needs fixing. If it doesn't work for you, I'll make sure the EasyRE team gets you a refund.
Okay got the .ISO and theres good news-bad news (for me anyway) I was able to get the old HDD (now C:\drive) to boot up using the utility but not my SSD (the one with all the data on it) I am able to connect the SSD as a secondary in this case F:\drive and it shows all the data intact yet when I try to boot to it using the EasyRE disk the OS is not recognized it only shows the 100 mb partition. It does list the 110 gb partition the OS was in but with a warning triangle orange flag with an exclamation. I am able to locate the original .bcd backup it created in the Documents folder when I first used the older version as shown in my OP.

Is there a way I can use the new 2.3 version to locate the .bcd backup now in F:\drive and place it back in F:\drive to be able to boot back to the SSD? And if so could I please have a detailed instruction on how to step by step go about doing it? This would really do the trick if its possible. I am including several screen shots to give you an idea of what I am looking at and trying to do.

BTW the EasyRE does work and it was worth it and I appreciate the time you've spent on this and any further help you can lend in this matter.