EasyBCD won't run

It is not offered as a formatting method....see screenshot


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Yeah, I was saying try "format" from the command line. It has switches to select the filesysytem type.
It says : NTFS is not supported by this device :frowning:
Why do I get feeling pc is conspiring against me ? - am I being paranoid ?
DONE :joy:! ! - everything went suspiciously easily after what should have been a 10 minute job.
What is interesting is that with Vista, you CAN format the pendrive with NFTS.....

Thank you for your time and patience....:happy::happy::happy:
Excellent news. Glad it all worked out - honestly this entire ordeal shouldn't have lasted more than 2 posts and 30 minutes. But that's life for you, it has a nasty way of surprising you when you least expect it :smile:

Hope everything is well now.