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So I'm trying to fix my Dell Inspiron 530s, it hasn't worked since the end of 2009. I'm pretty sure it didn't work after an update, but I'm not too sure. I purchased the EasyRe Vista recovery disk from from the website and (unless I'm doing something wrong) it hasn't fixed anything! Plus I'm in dire need of reaching my computers 'Advanced Boot Options' but since using the disk I am unable to get onto it. I would really appreciate any help as this is very frustrating.
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Most Dell's come with a hidden recovery partition that you can activate using a certain key combination at boot-up. No success there? If the machine has been idle for so long it's obviously sadly out-of-date and may need formatting and the system reinstalling but usually a System recovery will at least return it to factory. The disks sold on that website are not system disks per se and can't be used to restore a system image.

You can get a refund from them by emailing support@systemdiscs.com


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PC failures caused by Windows Update qualify for free one-to-one support from Microsoft
Microsoft Support

though they might well wonder why you waited 3 years !

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no nothing? then i'd very much want a refund on that disk, it's done absolutely nothing.
So you wait 3 years and expect a miracle to happen and when it doesnt you want a refund? Maybe next time you should look into getting it fixed right away as it could have been something covered by Dell under your warranty that you get with the product that is now long been expired. Failure of you taking action doesnt equal an emergency on our part to fix something you have not cared about for 3 years.


If you're going through hell, keep going.
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I thought they always were free...ah well, just shows what I know.