Error using BCD Deployment page


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I am a new user of EasyBCD. Seeking USB deployment, I followed this path: BCD DEPLOYMENT page > Create bootable external media > Partition and selected the Win 7 partition > Install BCD. View Settings display changed to "There are a totalof 0 entries in the bootloader > Path: c:\Boot\\BCD > Default: Not set > Easy Boot Device: c:\". Later found warning about this in the Help/Documentation ("Recovering the Windows Bootloader with EasyBCD > Type 1 > parenthetical remark: NOTE The first section applies to external devices do NOT use on the HDD". I stepped into a booby trap, as the program allowed selecting and running against an incorrect partition, and the warning did not appear on the UI. I suggest editing the UI to eliminate the possibility of this mistake. The immediate problem is to repair my error.



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Well, the steps you outlined your post are titular implementations of your request (i.e. even as you wrote it, "Create bootable external media").

At any rate, close EasyBCD and launch it again, then follow the steps here to reset your system BCD:

Then (and this is very important) before closing EasyBCD go to Add Entry and a new Windows 7 entry pointing to the Windows you're currently in.