EZ USB Creator fails to write to USB


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I have a 2GB USB stick freshly formatted FAT32. I launch EZ USB Creator, point to the 'EasyRE Professional for Windows7.iso' that I purchased, and point to the USB stick in the drive list.

When I click 'Go' I get an error: "Error creating bootable USB! Unable to mark drive as active partition. Please manually make the drive active and try again."

As far as I know, you can't make a USB drive an Active Partition. And of course the C: partition that the iso file is on can not be the active partition either.


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You can only have one active partition per device,
That includes flash drivesactive.JPG


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I was creating a partition, then formatting the drive, and Windows would error if I tried to mark the partition Active. I learned that you have to partition the flash drive, but not format it. Then you can make it Active. Then format it.