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Run Quicktime Player from your Start/All programs.
Doesn't it blank your screen and turn off Aeroglass until you stop it again ?
It does on my system.
Have you disabled UAC ?
I'm running XP, so there is no UAC to disable...:wink:
I just ran Quick Time from Start/All Programs with my Opera browser open to my home page on my site, but the screen didn't black out like yours did. I don't use Aeroglass.


Ok, try it now. I removed one widget (because it was giving me a "Security Warning" message, and saying that it was stolen code being exploited by someone, and to get the original widget from someplace else...which, when I went there, still showed the same message on the widget) from the home page.
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With the latest version of quicktime I wasnt getting any disabling of aero in vista when visiting cool's site.


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The behaviour's still the same.
I tried updating QT but the updater failed (trying to download Indeo 4 !!!! when it has Indeo 5 in the install list)
I generally try to avoid QT because of the poor way it interacts with Vista, and its annoying habit, along with a load of other offenders of trying to insinuate itself into a position of permanent installation on the running system; and I use VLC media player and DVDVideoSoft\FreeStudioManager when I'm viewing or editing my MP4.
Another reason I don't like it was just this; the ultimate failure of the automatic update process. From memory, it always fails to update after reporting that it needs to.