[FIXED] 0 entries listed in the bootloader

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I have installed EasyBCD 2.1.2 on Windows 8 CP. When I start EasyBCD I have the message: There are a total of 0 entries listed in the bootloader. EasyBCD 2.0.2 shows me correct all partitions. What can I do?
Is there a specific BCD greyed in the Tools > Options > General Settings on 2.1 ?
Here I´m again. I have made DetailedMode.txt and GeneralSettings.jpg and both files uploaded. Here they are.


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I apologize, I actually need the output of
Useful Utilities | Power Console

bcdedit /enum all

OR a backup of your BCD.
Is this the output from the Power Console or did you just run the command from a normal command prompt?

Because it's in German, whereas if you used the Power Console it *should* have used EasyBCD's own (English) copy of bcdedit.


Actually, I can see that you ran it from


It's important to do it from C:\Program Files\NeoSmart Technologies\EasyBCD\bin
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Here is the bcdedit /enum all from the Easy BCD Power Console.


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Very interesting - are you sure that's correct?

Does it really just start off with
osdevice                ramdisk=[S:]\Recovery\298a9392-4452-11dd-9ddf-a147780d30

If you're having problems copying and pasting, this is easier:
bcdedit.exe /enum all > output.txt

It'll create an output.txt you can just upload.
Thank you for your interest to my problem, but I don´t see a progress. So I have uninstalled EasyBCD 2.1.2 and installed EasyBCD 2.2 Beta Build 170. It has the same bug as 2.1.2! I have it uninstalled again and installed EasyBCD 2.0.2 and this version runs fine! Pleas see my attachments.

A second problem I want to ask you: EasyBCD catches my Windows Recovery Console in the boot menu. When I try to edit boot menu in EasyBCD, I see a failure message. I must the WRC write manually in the boot.ini. Why does EasyBCD this?


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Found the bug, it has to do with the fact that you have an EFI bootloader installed (though not used).

Next build:

(should be uploaded tomorrow-ish)
Yes, I have installed Windows 8 CP, after this installation the problem begun.
In the NeoSmart Blog under "EasyBCD is ready for Windows 8 CP" at March, 6, 2012 "Shukree" gave me the advice "Just edit by EasyBCD any entry in BCD file and you will be reverted to old text-based boot menu".
This have I done.
Now I have again the old text-based boot menu, but when I choose the "Earlier Windows Versions" entry in the boot menu I get the message "Invalid boot.ini-file. booting from C:\Windows." This message is not true, the arc-pathes of my Windows XP partitions are correct. In the moment, only the first Windows XP partition is reachable.
Can EasyBCD here help?
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You may be looking at the wrong boot.ini or it may something other than an incorrect/invalid ARC path. Use EasyBCD to automatically create boot.ini
To Terry:
Thank you for your advice!
I have written and used the EasyLDR, but the result seems to be not correct.
First I have Edit the Boot Menu: Deleted the Default "Earlier Windows Versions".
Second I have Added New Entries: XP1 = D, XP2 = F, XP3 = J, unchecked the checkbox and choosen XP1 = default.
Third I have Viewed Settings: XP1 = D, XP2 = D, XP3 = D.
Why not XP2 = F and XP3 = J?


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That's not the way it works. View Settings shows the path to EasyLDR, not the path to XP.
OK, I`ve seen, it works!

This was really a long way to the successful end.
Many thanks for your patiently help!
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