Fixing Vista Boot Partition


Fixing Vista Boot Partition <SOLVED>

hi, I just bought one of those Dell Mini as a small spare system.

I am having trouble fixing the boot parition for Vista. I managed to create a bootable Vista and XP on USB. Load it and repaired startup fine. I also checked the bcdedit which points to C: Drive and diskpart points to C: Drive.

But when I load into Vista, Vista bootloader the drive changed to D: instead of C: primary. This made every file looking for the C: and does not boot correctly. I try to boot paragon, partition magic..etc with no luck booting it on this mini and because it has no disk drive. Anyone?

Inside Vista Installation DVD (cmd)
Diskpart, bcdedit shows bootloader, bootmgr as c:

When booting Vista
The drive change to D: and all files get messed up.
diskpart, bcdedit shows Vista main HDD is D:

p.s, I can access part of Vista and able to cmd fine. But when I login it shows "preparing your desktop for the first time" each login. I think I need to edit the bcdedit inside vista but with no luck. Please anyone with any suggestions feel free to comment or post. i don't want to end up wiping the entire drive as I want to keep the original settings . I also cannot stat Easybcd or VistabootPro because the OS is D:
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Glad you solved your problem. If you need anything else, just ask and we'll do our best to answer :smile: