googles new cellphone software


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who heard about the new cellphone software that Google released which is supposedly allow users to program and make programs for smart phones that allow user flexibility isn;t that basically what users are doing with cracked I phones
I haven't heard of that but I did just try downloading Google Maps to my phone....doesn't work. It says I need a data connection, which I have already as I quite often use my phone's browser. I think I need a Blackberry-type phone for that, one that uses Windows Mobile.
I currently use a Motorola KRZR K1.
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oh i have a nokia n73 and google maps works on as it does on every other newer model such as: e90, n95, n76, n82 ,n81 and so forth but the main problem is that my phone does not havwe wireless sotherefore it requires serverinternet which is costly here
all i know is that we have 3.5g wireless internet from the server but once you use it on the pho ne it is very slow and 5 minutes costs 4riyals=$1.15
what carrier do you use???
and do they provide t.v. streaming my carrier does but i've never used it but heard that nits quality is terrible and very slow
I use Rogers Telecommunications. They are one of the largest North American providers. They have just about everything one can think of but I really am not interested in watching TV on a postage stamp screen.