Guess: Triple Boot Problems


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Ok. Obviously (like most people I am wanting to triple boot).

I have a 100 gig hd (ide) and have it partitioned 5 ways: [XP][Vista][Ubuntu][SWAP][FileDrive]

only the xp, vista, and ubuntu are primary, the other 2 are logical
my mbr is on the xp driver (duh?)

i installed xp and vista and i had planned to install ubuntu 7.04 when it came out. i went to install it and i didnt realize that i had made ubuntu a logical drive (as far as i know you cannot boot off of a logical partition). SO...i used a diskmanager to convert my file drive to a logical partition and my ubuntu to a primary.

I can read the ubuntu drive (ext2/3) in vista/xp because i found a driver thing for it.

I can see the boot/grub files, but i dont know what to do with them.

Another thing is i have a grub that boots before the vistaloader (most will know why). I dont really care when i decide to hit the ubuntu boot loader, i just want it to boot. I tried neogrub and it throws me back at the screen that is the orignal grub then ultimately back at the vista boot loader.

I tried chainloading the boot loaders by the instructions on the website, but i either did something wrong or it didnt work.

Anytime i choose to add an entry using easyBCD i get an error saying that /nst/nst_grub.mbr cant be found, but i have know idea where it comes from in the first place.

thanks for your help.'

Actually, it's now possible to boot into logical partitions with Vista and Ubuntu, but that's not a problem.

Here's what you should do:

Boot into the Ubuntu DVD's Live CD feature.
Open a command prompt, and type
sudo grub
then continue with the instructions at

This will install GRUB to the bootsector of the Ubuntu drive.

Boot back into Windows Vista.
Make sure you have a folder called NST in the root directory of your boot drive (supposed to be C:\NST, but it may differ in rare circumstances).

Open EasyBCD. Add/Remove Entries. Delete the Linux entries.
Add/Remove Entries -> Linux/BSD -> Set the partition and drive data (hard disk starts at 0, partition count starts at 1) -> Add Entry.

Reboot. Select the new Linux option in the *Vista* bootloader. :smile: