Hercules Fortissimo III Drivers

I must admit i do get quite sick at the prices of some things in the US in comparison to the UK.., even with postage it can work out to your advantage. I haven't seriously looked at Tiger tho cause sometimes postage charges can be astronomical but i'll give them a look. I regularly order things like RAM, memory cards on ebay from US based folks tho.., they usually seem to be the cheapest.


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lol, gotta agree with you there.

German cars cost more in Germany than they do in the US! Same for many other things too...


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Being from England originally I know exactly what you mean. I buy the bulk of my stuff either at Tigerdirect.ca or through eBay


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Seeing as i dont actually have money lol :frowning:

i dont buy much, but if i can get RAM at BestBuy and not the net, then i dont have to pay shipping or anything and i have the RAM in hand lol

but... bestbuy as far as i know is only a US company lol


i havent really worked with ebay much, im mostly afraid of getting something and having it die two days in... some times that dont offer refunds or product replacement, even if they have a high positive feedback lol

if i can i will buy it new :smile:

at current, i dont need RAM, i have a Gb and thats is working great for me, i have a intel celeron proccesor 420 @1.6Ghz... thats killing me on windows, i havent had a problem on ubuntu yet. my graphics is on-board, (INTEL!!!! DAMN YOU!!!) its crap shot... i need a PCI-E graphics card... i have two slots sitting empty lol my monitor is a Compaq FS720 that i cant find the a picture for this old CRT monitor lol

i wont be having any money anytime soon lol college has eaten it all :smile: