I can't Boot from CD/DVD after I used EasyBCD


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I had a triple boot going for a bit in this order of install

I was trying to find a way of cleaning up the mess I made (I had also previously installed kubuntu and fedora 8) and so my google search ended up here. I downloaded, installed and ran EasyBCD. It cleaned the mess right up. While I was in windows, I thought I'd delete the ubuntu and OSX partitions and do them from scratch now that I have a cool boot utility. But now, I can't boot from CD/DVD it just jumps right into vista. My Bios states that the CD/DVD is at the TOP of the boot order. However, it will not boot from CD/DVD. When I select boot menu during power up, it only lists the harddrives and not the CD/DVD. Since this wasn't an issue before I installed and ran EasyBCD, I am guessing that it is most likely the culprit here.

Any advice?

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EasyBCD would not cause this. That is at the BIOS level which EasyBCD does not affect. Have you tried to reset your BIOS to factory defaults?
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Mak's right, EasyBCD does not come into play until *after* the BIOS has handed off control of the PC to the hard drive - and that's the problem you're having.

Are your CD drives SATA or IDE?