which do u recomend

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That sounds good!

My motherboard just blew (again), so I'm waiting for Gigabyte to send me a replacement (thank God for the warranty!) so it'll take some time - I'm on my old PC which I can't bring myself to use for anything other than light websurfing for now.
Sorry to hear you're reduced to steam-power Guru! You guys all seem to have many more problems with your hardware than me. I've never had a working piece of hardware fail on me, board, cpu,HD,memory etc (gee is this tempting fate or what ?)
I once bought an extremely cheap DVD burner which wouldn't even read the Nero CD bundled with it, which I replaced with a known brand-name for a few pounds more, but technically it never failed because it never worked.
My oldest DVD player, which moves from PC to PC as a backup /music player (even that now redundant since MP3) actually did fail on me when I moved it to this new case last Oct and it was required to push open a spring-loaded door, but an internal examination, diagnosis of a split drive pinion, and a blob of epoxy, even got that back and working again.
I'm either lucky, or I don't drive my kit to the extremes that you all do.
congrats on the 5000 mark no new status??? by the way did you do somthing with the forum telling you hpw many mosts you have in that thread if not its the first time i realize it cool
No, I added that from day one.

Thanks for the congrats, all :smile:

It's not a cooling problem - the motherboard appears to have a damaged capacitor and doesn't discharge power properly. IF the power gets cut, it'll refuse to boot for another day or two until the capacitor discharges. :frowning:
Was that your old D865GBF?
No, I'm on the D865GBF now... never gave me any problems in the five years I had it.

The one acting up is an X38-DQ6 from Gigabyte... supposedly with solid-core capacitors that'll last a lifetime.
It and the ASUS Maximus Formula are built on the same chipset and are the same price, but the Maximus Formula is a far better board (it's the one I'd originally ordered but due to a series of unfortunate events didn't get to use for more than a couple of weeks).