Is it possible to exchange products considering they are the same price or do i have to buy the other version?

I've been running windows 10 games on the computer so I assumed I had a windows 10 operating system. Was I wrong in that line of thinking? If so, is it possible to swap products? Is it a matter of licensing so that the version I downloaded I wont be able to use and I cant get the license for the version I need?
See the thread at the top of this forum. All questions should be addressed to:
I have emailed support and havent gotten a response. Which is why I came here. I have already purchased both the windows 8 and 10 versions and I have the same problem either way. it will not find the OS to repair. It comes up with four drives; windows re tools, system, windows, and recovery image. All of which give the following error "the selected partition does not contain a valid windows installation. youve either selected a data drive or the volume has been formatted and cannot be repaired. please select a different drive to continue.
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i resolved my problem by factory data reset, this software did absolutely nothing for me and considering i purchased two version due to the lack of support, i would like a refund on both.