Issues dual booting XP after Vista on a Dell desktop

EDIT: Yeah, so make sure to uninstall the driver you installed with R173416, and try installing again the one installed by R165147.exe.
Did you ever try that?

EDIT: And that wasn't the bios driver I was referring to...
In my Device Manager, there is something called "SM Driver" (which isn't under System devices but a tree in itself just like the System Devices is, and above System Devices). And beneath it in the tree, there is something there called "SM bios service". That was what I was referring to, but I see you don't have it, which may explain why it isn't solving the problem. Perhaps the BIOS part of the driver was not installed.

EDIT 2: Ok, so I see now the first link in [post=36802]Justin's post[/post] wont solve the problem, because it is a version of the IMSM for
Fixes and Enhancements

- Added support to mark hard drive as Hot Spare.
- Fixed issue that caused high CPU utilization when running Intel Matrix Storage Console.
However, the one in the second link of [post=36802]Justin's post[/post] (which is the same one I directed you at originally) should work. Just follow these steps:

Please backup anything you don't want to lose.. I've done this process twice now and have had no problem with either.. This is from a end user and not from Dell, please understand that.... If you have success with this process, please post and let others know so they will not fear this process..

-Download & Open R165147.EXE from dells driver page in the SATA Drives section.. The one that says Intel - Driver Applies to: Matrix Storage Manager

-Open Control Panel

-Click IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

-Right Click Intel(R) ICH9 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 2

-Chose Update Driver Software

-Chose "Browse My Computer for driver software"

-Chose "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

-Click "Have Disk"

-Click "Browse"

-Find the folder you extracted the files from R165147.EXE

-Chose "iaahci.inf" and select open

-Click "OK" at the "Install From Disk" screen

-Scroll all the way to the bottom of the drivers list and select Intel(R) ICH9 SATA AHCI Controller and click Next

-You will get a driver warning, click Yes to continue

-Vista will install the driver and tell you that you have successfully updated the driver software

-Click Close and follow the same steps to update the driver for the Intel(R) ICH9 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 1

-Vista will prompt you to restart.. Click Yes and be ready to enter the BIOS by pressing F2.. (If you do not do this, Vista will give you a blue screen and reboot.. Don't sweat it, simply go into the BIOS and change it as stated below and continue. When you reboot Vista will prompt it did not start correctly before.. Select Boot Normally and continue..)

-Change your SATA Operation from "RAID Autodetect / ATA" to "RAID On".. You will get a prompt stating you may be required to reinstall your operating system, highlight accept and hit enter..

-Hit ESC and select Save/Exit...

Your system will reboot and will load the "correct" drivers for Vista which will require one last reboot...
The instructions are credited to "gopimanne" who posted them at the following link: Nonfunctional XPS 420 eSATA Port - DELL COMMUNITY

Only for Vista, read XP (since that is the OS you're attempting to use it on, and it is supported).
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