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okay. I purchased A DebIan Linux distro from a site, and only paid ($8 with shipping) this was a i386 Linux install DVD set with 3 dvd's.

i then had a friend ask me to buy them one too. They said that they had a AMD 64 something. lol so i order them that version of DebIan. and then they get it and they find out they dont have a 64-bit processor lol so they have my i386 DVD's atm.

which isnt a problem for me, i have ubuntu. lol

however this is what i was wondering, i purchased this processor with my barebones that my mother/brother are using at home. AMD Athlon 64 X2 i was thinking, seeing as DebIan comes with the extra DVDs filled with software i would think. Seeing as they say it comes with 20,000 programs lol

Will i be able to install the DebIan amd64 version on my mothers (my old) computer?

and will those disks a have the needed 64bit programs. seeing as i know they are hard to come by. :angry:
You hit the nail on the head there. It doesn't really make a difference what OS we're talking about, be it Windows or Linux: you'll have a hell of a hard time finding x64-based software to run on that OS....

And if you thought software was hard - well, drivers are 10x as bad.

Just stick with i386/i686/x86/32-bit, they run on everything and they're easier to deal with. x64 isn't any faster as it is for a desktop machine....
Yep. You get a stable setup with the few things you need (Apache, MySQL, and a couple of others) and your set for life :smile:
i have been wondering, about something else lol

how would i convert my current machine to be both a useable computer and a server computer. so i can have my own website i guess lol

im not too big on the internet workings yet.

could i have a partition made that would allow that to happen or something? or am i dreaming? lol :smile:
^ i have looked into it and i used Synaptic PM to find all the Apache (2) programs and i downloaded/install mostly the items with the ubuntu sign next to them, im thinking that means it will work with ubuntu, and i cant find the programs...

should i just reinstall ubuntu as that server version with lamp. it said i can install the GUI too so thats good
You can do it either way - the second is easier, but requires more work (having to reformat and all).
^ for the serverCD

couldnt i just cut up my 146Gb drive into another partition and have it use that?

i do remember my errors with that lol

but maybe now that i have ubuntu actually running it will be easier

also i saw that i have a choice in which desktop i use, GNOME or KDE


could i possibly have two ubuntu, one normal and one server, and just use the server version more lol

idk im new into this apache and mysql lol but of course i like it so ill teach myself lol

im thinking ill just write write over the whole drive again, it wont hurt, i can get everything back through Synaptic
Yeah, you can do that.

You can install multiple Ubuntu (as many as you like, actually) and use as many or as few of them as you want. I was just thinking that if you wanted your web server to be up all the time and having the full benefit of a desktop operating system, it would be best to install Apache on a standard Ubuntu installation.
YAY :smile:

kool beans! thanks

so now i can oepn apache 2 and i get this:

It works!


now i need to learn more lol
There is no end to learning about computers - that's the beauty of it! :smile:

I'm glad you got that bit working.. For just a simple webserver all you have to do now is replace the files in the Apache www directory with your own HTML files - it's that simple.

You can register a free domain name that can be made to auto-update when your IP address changes at dyndns.org
^ okaydokay i will try it when i get back

i mainly need it for a forum board, InvisionFree lol so that should work too right?
^ yes i understand that, and it will be down while i am on vista right?

is there a way i can run IE on my ubuntu?

i really only have vista still for all my games and the programs i know i need to run on windows only

it would really help if i could, so then i can do all my school work on ubuntu still with restarting.

also, my machine stays on most of the time, unless i need to reboot or something, like power outage lol :smile:


You can register a free domain name that can be made to auto-update when your IP address changes at dyndns.org

it errored lol it just doesnt auto-redirect lol i got to the site though thank you :smile:

i downloaded "ddclient" i opened it with the decompressor, and extracted the files. i opened the folder and ran the text based exe named ddclient. is that right?
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is there a way i can run IE on my ubuntu?

I heard there is some special version of IE for Linux, but I don't think that is a good idea. Instead of that, you can make Firefox look like IE. How? Go to Tools/Add-ons/Themes/Get Themes and look for IE-like theme, or see if you like any other theme, there are lots :smile:

^ lol

no i hate IE...

i need the IE for its browser, alot of the pages that my school uses dont run right now FF.

and anything that needs to run activeX

i think i may have read something about FF able to get ActiveX that would be great! I need to do may math on EI only. :frowning: It doesnt run on FF so far, unless i can get active X on it :smile:

okay my domain name is: http://eternalrest.mine.nu/

people are telling me its not working lol lol

V i dont know the code for striekthrough lol V
~okay so i kind of found the location for th config files for for apache lol
under what location would i be able to put my html file? i looked into ubuntu forums, that place is hectic lol they say not in /etc or in /var? lol~


okay i found the folder for apache, and so then i would just delete its contents and fill in my own, right?

i dont get to edit anything in that folder, so im guessing thats the wrong one lol :frowning:

so as it will say (or should say): http://eternalrest.mine.nu/apache2-default/

"It works!"

meaning that the file is leaving my computer and going to yours, correct?

so now, it wont let me edit that file at all, and i know where it is now... i cant add folders or do anything in that directory :frowning:


one final note before i go to bed... I DONT LIKE KDE! :frowning: lol its too much like windows as far as i saw, and everything is meh...

i love GNOME

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Yeah, Gnome > KDE. :grinning: 'nuff said.

You need to CHMOD the apache directory as 775 as root... That'll give you permission to edit the html files in the Apache folder.