Linux Ubuntu 7.04

oK, I changed the rsolution form 800x600 to 1024x768 by changing the resolution on the right to 1024x768.
Im using that theme, somehow, it looks nice to me... and not too fancy... Which theme do you like?

Grab VMware instead, it's a MUCH better program.
To use VMware for free: Download VMware Workstation trial. Create a workstation.
Download VMware player (it's free). Open the workstation from there and enjoy.
Do you maybe know where I can get VMware for linux without registrations and other stuff, do I really have to go though all that to get trial? Version for Windows is everywhere, but for linux only a few, as muches I found... Maybe I wasn't looking at the right place, that's why I'm asking.
Ouch! I don't remember do I use x64 or x86 it was long ago when I installed it, and I installed both, and I just don't remember which one I'm using now, how can I find out? :frowning:

Problem done, thanks to Guru.
Ok, I downloaded that file:

Than I uncompressed it, here's what's inside that folder:

So... how to install this thing? :smile:
Just open a terminal, cd into the directory, and issue
Press Y at all the prompts, and you're done :smile:
Guru, what is the best instruction you ever gave?

Mine was when I was showing some people how to set up satellite internet, it was "Ok people, don't touch anything, it's automatic :tongueout:oint: " :grinning::grinning::grinning:
sudo ./

Then run the command thit it shows in the second image you uploaded.