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okay this is my second try at installing two slightly differ versions of ubuntu

the first i downloaded from their site and burned the image to a CD

that all worked fine

i boot it up, i check the integrity of the CD, and then check my memory both are great!

i load it up, and this was my first time on anything remotely unlike windows, i had touched a couplemac's but never got to play around.

i was getty for about an hour playing games and clicking things lol

so i looked into the Gnome partition item, and i selected a partition from my large 160 gb drive, that was around 14gb

i made a smaller swap partition of 1 Gb and the rest went to the "/"mount

i had formatted that 12Gb that was left into ext3 format and so forth, and then i opened up the installer

i go and i make sure i manually select the hard drive to install on, and i select the ext3 partition, and the swap was already made, i hit next and i continue

i finally (the first time i didnt change the location for the boot loader opps lol) hit install and it starts to work, YAY i did it, BOOM, it says that it could not write on the mounted drive and complained that it was still mounted as a media drive, i had made sure that it was the "/" mount

now that was saturday night

today i found and downloaded, Ubuntu Ultimate "lite" CD version. i burned it and i tried to md5sum the cd, but it frooze, so i boot the cd and check integrity, it found two errors, but i dont think that is the problem

beuase everything that happened up the point where it told me it couldnt install, the disk was still mounted wrong.

i close the installer, and open up the gnome partition item, and i try my best to reformat that horrid partition back to a clean ext3 but it says that the partition is still mounted!

idk, i dont have pictures this time, its 12:45 am here, i have a class at 8, i guess i should sleep huh?

ill have images for you guys tomorrow

thank you very much


i have had time today to make some images of what is happening: (the drives are now besides the largest partition all ready for linux, the / and the other partition as ext3 and i have the one needed swap) (the default boot loader option, ill i did was erase it and hit okay and hit options again) (the bootloader in the /dev/sda5 partition, where i want it to be) (and finally the grand error )

Main/040Storage is my largest partition, and will not be used in the installation, however i dont know why this error is coming up

this last time i tried, i made sure no other programs were running and exited the gnome partition editor


i have just now, edited the Main storage, it was mounted, and i unmounted it through the Gnome Partitioner, and i have mounted all the other drives i wish to use, i will try one more time:
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Is that Ubuntu 7.04? I'm not sure if it is.. for 7.04 you don't need swap. Only one ext3 partition bigger then about 5GBs.
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yes its feisty fawn

heres the link:

the same problem occurred on the linux distro i downloaded from the ubuntu site, that that is the current


oh thank you, ill fix that when i try again

im back on vista, i needed to do my programming homework, and i am doing major cleaning out of my 160 GB drive, if i can, im just going to compress it all, or put it on CD's, i dont have any DVD's but i am about to go see if i ca get one

thank you for your input Sarge
You're welcome... let me know if it still doesn't work after you try again, cause it should work, I've installed it more then 5 times without problems.

Oh and, if it got stuck, I mean if all freezes down so you have to use reset button, it's alright, because I had that freezing every time I freshly install it again.
^ okay i will after my programming class thats in 20 minutes

i am going to fully clean out the 160 GB drive and i am just going to have it guide itself to install on to that drive, and not manually

also about the boot loader:

was i right t change it, i am pretty sure that the default hd(0,0) was my vista drive, which is my 80GB and i need to keep that for college applications and such (DirectX10 too lol)

i have EasyBSD, and i just have to select a boot loader, which i have done a little bit of reading, grub is better then lilo at this point right?

it said lilo was older and better for older systems,

the ubuntu Doc doesnt say much on it, it says "See Grub/LILO doc" lol

i have to go to class now, ill check this after that

again thank you
Okay... I used to know how linux marks partitions but I totally forgot... anyways... I know my partitions by their size, so I know which one is the one I left for linux.

DirectX 10? Game dev? :grinning:
^ yeah i am learning all this as i run into problems lol

linux HHD coding is very annoying lol

and i want to keep directX 10 for the games lol im not ever upgrading from home basic, it does the same as XP but with some more annoying un-endable processes (desktop window management to name one)

i like how much linux has; Compiz Fusion looks awesome!
^ oh no no no

im only a freshmen in college, i know enough about computers to get about and through most problems, but im trying for a computer science major, my university has a pretty good college in it.

im dont think im going to go into windows any more, (ie programming) seeing as linux is open source and meant to be played with lol

although the school is mainly on windows XP, the computer labs im in just recently upgraded to Vista Business, and the second lab, we ran into the ever loveable Vista locks lol and with the university locks over windows it was a bit of a time lol


but right now im cleaning out my 160Gb drive, and i will be ZIPing or RAR everything for when i put it on CD's i dont have any DVD's other wise i could fit it all on 1 and half of those lol

i will after that run the install again and let the installer try its hand at guided install, i just have to make sure about the Boot loader,

now, if it does write over Vista's is that a problem, i know easyBCD has the option to turn vista loader off or on by deletion,

any thoughts?

thank you
i will after that run the install again and let the installer try its hand at guided install, i just have to make sure about the Boot loader,

now, if it does write over Vista's is that a problem, i know easyBCD has the option to turn vista loader off or on by deletion,

any thoughts?

thank you

No problems, I saw many examples like yours... I think EasyBCD can reinstall vista bootloader after you install Ubuntu. But to be 100% sure I think Guru should give final OK for it :smile:.
Yeah, EasyBCD (Bootloader Management | Reinstall Vista Bootloader) can put the Vista bootloader back in its place. You can then add Linux to the Vista bootloader and be done.
^ thank you both very much for your help

we had a big storm come over us last night at about 3:44am CST (central standard time) and we just got power back, i still have a few more backup disks to burn and then i will try the installer

and that is good that easyBCD can do that, i can do that through linux right, i know the windows version i have now should be different then a linux version, or what is with that?

again thank you
You're welcome, though I'm not sure I know what you're referring to in your question.

If you're asking if you need to switch to the Vista bootloader, well you don't if GRUB is working fine... But I think I'm misunderstanding the original question?
^ i am sorry

i was wondering, it the linux installer does over write the vista Boot loader, how will i get easyBCD, on the linux? or do i need it, will GRUB allow the same thing to occur, to reset it, or not?

im sorry i am just starting out on linux i have been a windows user all my life lol

i havent dont that much research into GRUB, but ill look some more

thats what i meant, im sorry to have misled my wording
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No problem, I understand what you mean now.

When you install Linux and it automatically installs GRUB (overwriting the Windows Vista bootloader), it will automatically add an entry called "Windows" to the GRUB bootloader. You can use this entry to boot into Windows Vista without any extra configuration.

You shouldn't have to worry about it, having the Linux bootloader or the Vista bootloader isn't really that big of a difference.
You shouldn't have to worry about it, having the Linux bootloader or the Vista bootloader isn't really that big of a difference.

that helps, thanks


i didnt think so, i know that all a boot loader does is tell to the HHD to start up, although i am putting Linux on to a different HHD then my Vista, could it still overwrite the Vista Boot Loader?

im sorry for so many questions lol
Yep. That's the only way the bootloader can be made aware of the location of the OS.

Anyway, give it a shot. It's safe, and should work with little to no effort on your behalf.

Oh, and welcome to the world of Linux, it's a nice place to be :smile:
^ i have two more backup disk to make, that hurricane yesterday morning took out the power until just about this time yesterday lol

yes ill try it, and i am liking this new world thus far, and i know the issues ive been having were harddrive and not installer lol (i hope lol )

it seems to be a very complex, friendly world however, and its all already in place lol


so when i let it install onto the whole harddrive, it should be fine right? i only two atm, a 80Gb with my vista on it, and then my 160Gb that is almost completely empty now... i had about 80gb of stuff that i deleted down to only 6Gb, most of it was back ups of backups. That 160 HHD has been used in four different computers, with three different OS (xp basic, xp pro, and now vista) over the past 9 months lol

but its good to finally clean it out, and i have finally had time to. ^_^