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Okay on my travels i found this...

Welcome to Linux XP Desktop website

Now they say it is based off of Linux but can act like XP. What? From what i am gathering it only goes thru Wine to play games. But they say you have just download anything and run it.

Whats your thoughts on this Guru. If it seems like a good idea i might actually buy a license.
TBH it looks like a gimmick to me.

Thousands of Windows applications are tested for compatibility.
They're talking about the WineHQ database: Wine Application DB - Wine Application Database

It sounds like Linux (KDE desktop manager, like Kubuntu) + WINE + An XP Theme.

No more compatible with Windows software than any other Linux distro running Wine.

But it's a free trial, so check it out if you like... just don't get your hopes up, because there's nothing innovative in there - just someone trying to make a quick buck off other's hard work with smart sales skills.
Just as i figured. I already have Ubuntu with Wine installed. I should try running some things with that.
Yeah i think we did talk about this before. The development is moving along but hte driver support is still hurting this project. Almost all of my hardware was previously not supported.
Quick question: not supported out of the box or even when trying to install the windows 2000 drivers for your hardware?
Out of box. I havent even tried to do teh Windows 2000 drivers. Honestly i dont think there are many Windows 2000 drivers for my stuff. I just checked the 2 major ones. Sound and Video and it shows 2000 drivers. I might give it a shot. But i tried installing several games in Ubuntu and most of htem worked.

Halo, FEAR, Doom 3 all installed. UT2004 worked as well. The only one i had any kind of message about was Halo 2. So i really dont need to try ReactOS just yet. It has been a while since i gave that OS a shot though. I might try it again.
If you want Windows XP on Linux (Ubuntu for example) Win 4 Lin is pretty good I think. I didn't try it my self but they say its very good.
A VM for Linux. Not a bad idea. But at the same time when I am dual booting doesnt make to much sense. :lol:

I will continue to try Wine and see how things go. I jsut say that and thought maybe there was something more to it than just Wine.
No. But why go for this when i ot Ubuntu which does this stuff as well. :tongueout: I dont need it to function as XP cause i have XP. :lol:
Oh yeah I saw couple of those Vista transformation packs myself. :|

But nah, for me, XP will live forever in Windows Classic theme. As for Vista, until I get bored of Aero, I'll use it :tongueout: but I had to change start many to classic :grinning:
I use it on both and it works fine for me. I have the latest version 6.x something. I dont even remember. I have bought Windowsblinds for the past 4 years. So i still have my subscription. It is alright on Vista. But there isnt many Vista ready skins that i like. So basically i just leave the Vista Aero skins on.