I dont use the VTP. I use Windowsblinds. :tongueout:

Even worse! I get lost in that thing. Specially after I install some fancy theme that changes EVERYTHING :glare: I can't even find my files like that :tongueout: And something simple as finding the start many and running the application from it can be a challenge :tongueout:
It isnt that hard. You are so blowing that out of proportion. All themes have the Start Menu right where it belongs. The lower left hand corner by default. Unless you move teh bar.

Your files are still in the same spot. Nothing changes but the Windows frame. I have used themes from Transformers to OS X and have never had a issue.
No, it's more than just the MCE Windows containers, it also rewrites all the icons, redesigns the taskbar and start menu, and changes the layout of explorer.exe.
Hmm. Might be worth a look. But i already got my boot screen redone and my logon screen as well.


That is my boot screen.


That is my logon.
Thanks. I like the Umbrella Logon as well. They dont ahve a Resident Evil Windowsblinds yet though. :frowning:

Well yeah Sarge you get one of those really fancy ones then yeah. But again it doesnt mess with where your files are. Just your windows. :wink:
When i used windows blinds (trial version) whenever i try setting a theme it goes to windows classic and gets stuck.

What did u use to change the logon? Stardock Logon or something else? I tried Stardock on Vista and it worked fine, but the Xp one wont change the screen at all.
Yes it is the Logon from Startdock/Wincustomize. The trial versions are bunk. You really have to use the real version to get the full effect. The trial doesnt do WB justice.
I have tried it. Was alright. I didnt like how it took over my system though. I like the OS X look and feel that it gives but it messes with your system if you try to remove it.
Yes it turns XP into a OS X clone. Just about. There are some small details that differ but for the most part it tunrs it into OS X. Gives the Doc, changes the theme and icons. All the things that make OS X what it is, is pretty much there.

But if you get tired of it trying to remove the application is harder than it looks. It gets so embedded into your system that removal is either a restore point or a backup away.
Thank you, Mak! :happy:


Everyone come to the party :grinning: I'll make you drunk! :tongueout:

One big bottle of virtual vine for me at the desk The Water Cooler, and get everyone whatever they drink! :grinning: