Microsoft Can Be Impressive - Occasionally

I always forget to charge my MX Revolution.... It lasts 4 or 5 days (of non-stop use, almost) but then it dies on me when I need it most (so i take out an old ms optical mouse from the cupboard).

That's why I'll never buy a cordless keyboard. Especially since there is zero benefit to doing so........ it's just not worth the hassle or the cost.
I used to use a wireless set with my stuff. But Mahmoud is right. It is not worth the down time if you forget to charge it. That is why i went back to wired stuff. That and i love my Razer mouse. :tongueout:
My wired stuff is now in my reserve area...on the shelf below - the mouse sitting on the top of the tower and the keyboard on top of my printer.

I just faxed Veronica at Microsoft Canada to thank her, but pointed out that MSFT needs badly to check their Chinese factory's quality control as the brand new mouse's Microsoft decal has already mostly peeled off and it's only "30 minutes old" (out of the box).
i used to have a wireless mouse i believe it was Microsoft but it was always getting stuck and jumping around and then i got another mouse but our motherboard had "issues" and would still make it jump all around the screen now I'm using an optical wired mouse that has no name and dosen't click right who still uses a roller mouse????
whats the point of wireless keyboard?????? were you gonna take it???

Well if, for instance, I was using my PC as a media centre for all my entertainment, TV, music etc. I could take it over to the couch and relax.
My KB has a mini mousepad built in which is kind of neat.
But the main reason I use wireless products is simply to get rid of yet more wiring....I have so much to start with, it's like spaghetti junction at the back of my PC desk.
(If you think that's bad, you should see behind my sound system/TV etc.!!).
Well you should come see behind my TV.
I have wires to 5 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 DVD players, and the Satellite Reciever (and a 20 m. wire coming down from the roof to it). Thats not counting the 2 original TV speaker wires, the VGA cable, and the 10 ft. extension cord connecting them all.
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I also the Entertainment 8000 set, and really like it. It hacks me off when my flatmates use my PC and forget to dock the mouse again - grr :grinning:.

A couple of things get to me about the keyboard:

  • To start with, the Microsoft logo on the back of the mouse fell apart pretty quickly - it was just adhesive lettering, and I ended up taking it all off because I was losing most of the letters.
  • I don't have Vista ultimate, so the lovely green media center button does nothing :frowning:
  • The bluetooth connection sometimes disconnects (though not while in use, only on boot), where I have to use the dongle to reconnect everything. I think I can pretty much pin this down to IntelliPoint, though, as it works fine without (except you cant use the extra buttons and features).
  • when using the magnify feature, I get black flashes before it pops up -- I think CG told me it could have been because of Vista's protected mode.
Ah well. Its really nice looking, and I'm glad I bought it.
Yes the mouse lettering literally fell off mine too. I used to have that problem with disconnects all the time, especially booting between my 2 XP's and Vista, but now it seems to have settled down.
It's been ages since I had to use my wired KB and Mouse.